I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Like a lot of the population I was bitten by the cold that seems to be doing the rounds. I was bunged up, tired, sore and on tonsillitis watch, I prayed very hard to not get tonsillitis as I get it very badly; not something I fancy coping with on my own with 2 children!

I was advised to take some night and day nurse by some lovely wise folks on twitter and Mr K said hot water, honey and lemon would help massively too. Of course they were all right, and by day 2 I was feeling a lot better! I usually carry a cold for over a week so this made me feel so good. After school runs I decided to have some self care days. I literally shoved everything on the back burner and went out for some tasty treats, grabbed my crotchet blanket and settled on the sofa with my Peppa Dog and Friends on the tv. I also watched Bake Off with Mr K and Will on the end of the phone, it's a great bonding time!

A bit later on there was a loud knock at my door. I had several boxes waiting for me from 123 Flowers! My first thought was, how lovely! My second thought was, I have no vases, what am I going to do with these beautiful flowers!? On opening the boxes however, there is a lovely clear vase packaged safely in the corner. These vases are an add on feature for £5.99 and are very handy.

I placed the flowers on my mantle piece. The magnificant bouquet reminds me very much of autumn with its oranges and deep reds. This bouquet is made up of Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Pistacia. The bouquets are tied together with the stems placed in a special wrapping soaked in water to keep them fresh. 

The second bouquet which is so bright and fresh is made up of Alstroemeria (Lily of the Incas), Carnations and Chrysanthemums finished with Pistacia. All the flowers are hand picked fresh and include a free pop box (which does work! I was skeptical!) 

These bouquets really made my day, they even came with a message card which can add for free. Check out 123 Flowers for first class free delivery before 7pm or you can pay for a premium tracked service for £2.95. 


  1. They are lovely Hannah, they look so bright and fresh. I hope you feel better soon x

  2. Ooh aren't these beautiful! I love all the colours - certainly would brighten anyones day!

    Glad to hear you were on the road to recovery so quick, you do normally get quite flawed by colds so good on ya for giving it the good fight!!