Reasons to be Cheerful ~ Lingerie & Hot Chocolate!

I've had a pretty good week this week! I've had some lovely hot chocolate dates this week the first at home with well, myself actually! Hot chocolate, Little A playing nicely it was a perfect moment. I took A for a date on Tuesday with his new hair do which I love. He gets so hot with his thick locks (even though his hair is gorgeous!)

I had a costa date with a new mum friend on Friday! It's taken us weeks and weeks of just casual hellos and quick chats, then longer chats when we realised we walked the same way. One day two weeks ago I handed my number over, she actually text me unlike several other mums last year and finally we had lunch and a hot chocolate. I had a genuine 'I'm so friggin happy moment' talking, getting along really well, having baby cuddles. It was a lovely couple hours before the school pick up.

Lastly, I attended a blogging event in Bodmin last Wednesday. I went with stevie from A Cornish Mum and met several other bloggers, 3 lovely volunteer customers who were posing in the underwear and swimwear ranges and a couple of ladies from the local WI as well as Mish herself, her lovely staff and forgive me I cannot remember your name but lady from Panache who also fitted me you were lovely!

We had a yummy lunch, got fitted professionally and went home with gifted underwear and a Panache goodie bag. Can't wait to write about the event real soon!

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