Our Week That Was ~ Week 25

I haven't had my phone to hand much this week when out and about so there aren't that many photos this week. I took A on a hot chocolate date before nursery, we also window shopped and checked out the children's mags. It was nice to take my mind off some things at home. On Wednesday I went to a blog event in Bodmin. I was picked up by Stevie (A Cornish Mum) from St. Austell who was lovely and so easy to get along with. At the event we had a talk about Panache, learnt how Mish Lingerie got started, checked out Panache's range of underwear (with a sneak peak at their new autumn/winter range) then we had a yummy lunch (yes! Even I was catered for thank you!) We then had a bra fitting before leaving with our goody bags and gifted underwear. I had a lovely day. I was greeted from the station by the children and Mr B which was very nice.

Homemade hot choc// Little A date// Little A gave his teacher this snow globe//Tickets to St.Austall// Newly painted nails and purse//Gingerbread women at Mish Lingerie 

A talk from Panache//Lunch!//Claire modelling for us//Little A//Chocolate crispie cakes//Singing happy birthday to Midge 6 months early!
I met a mum from nursery on Friday, it was our first 'mum date' as I've labelled it! It was so nice, we got on really well, I had baby cuddles and we chatted for over two hours taking us up to school collection time! I enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate and Costa's new egg and sundried tomato wrap was delicious. No photos because I refuse to scare off a new and very much needed friend!! On Saturday I had a lay in and Mr B cooked me sausage & bacon toasties for breakfast *love him!* The children made rice crispie cakes with very little help from me and played together nicely for most of the day. 
Next week is Little A's sports day, Midge has some fun activities planned at school but I don't have any plans! I'm starting to look at volunteering opportunities, just need to see what I feel like doing.

How was your week?

Cupcake Mumma



  1. Sounds like a lovely week. I love the feel of a new, well fitting bra. I'll have to look into Panache as I haven't bought from them before but I love the look of that purple number.
    oooh to new mum friends! One of the greatest thing about our kids reaching school age has to be the wealth of new mums we get to meet, and eventually scare with our blogging ways - you so should have taken a pic of your food lol!

  2. A is looking so grown up! Yay for new underwear!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx