Our Week That Was Captured Week 26

Hello! Another week has gone, I'm now on day 2 of the last week of school and my how I am looking forward to not having an alarm to get up to in the morning! Right, on to last week and what we got up to.
My lovely heart rhythm which was just fascinating, can't help myself! //New childrens book which is fab//Lovely sandwich from the local deli// Peanut butter cup

Monday wasn't a good day for me! Anything that could go wrong today did. I was running late for both school and nursery and half way through the day I was having such bad palpitations and trouble breathing I sat for an hour with a paramedic who was very nice and very reassuring. It was simply one huge panic attack. I was given the all clear and saw my GP later that day who gave me some medicine to take which is simply there if I need it. My anxiety has been a big problem for a month now and I'm not sure why, it's very difficult. The children were really good and we had an easy evening.

On Tuesday Mr B and I saw Midge do her play at school. This years play was called Pirates and Mermaids. It kicked in watching her do her singing and dancing as a beautiful little mermaid that this would be her last ever KS1 play. Forever. My girl is growing up and there's sweet FA I can do about it *sob* On Wednesday I made a giant Reeces peanut butter cup that was very crumbly but very tasty. My nephew helped me out with the mixing and the rest of the clan who visited for dinner helped with the eating!

Midge as a mermaid//O helping me in the kitchen//Romantic chicken pie//Costa date//Library- so peaceful//Sports day star!

On Friday I totally missed a consultation for little A and no amount of fast walking was going to make it better. I called, spoke to a lovely receptionist and had it rescheduled. Sadly it's in September but it's better than nothing and was my fault! We sat and had a Costa instead which was very nice indeed before heading off to nursery. I returned later on after a solo trip to the library to watch A in his sports day which was a lot of fun. At the end was a parents space hopper race which was quite hilarious and yes, I did take part but no, I did not win. I came sixth which is better than last (and I don't care what anyone says!)

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I am looking forward to some lie-ins and more relaxed mornings too now that it's the summer holidays. Your panic attack sounds really scary and sorry you had to go through that and it sounds like you have had a bit of a tough week although Midge's school play sounds lovely x

    1. Thanks Laura I am better thank you it wasn't nice! I'm hoping for some lie ins and peace but may be wishful thinking!! X