Ten Things to Smile About April

April was a lovely month for us. Sure, Mr B had to do overtime a lot but it's worked out okay and we had to cancel a family holiday to Cambridge for definite because it was just too pricey but again, not so bad really, we can plan some nice things for the children in the summer holidays instead to make up for it! As usual I'm writing up my Ten Reasons to Smile and I've found a new link up at Cornish Mum which you should all check out too.

1) Firstly I enjoyed several Costa's this month. One with both the children over Easter and one just me and Little A before nursery. In order to form better spending habits I didn't set foot in a Costa at all in the last week of April. I've been going too often and wasting money, I'm annoyed at myself! I enjoyed my dates with the children though, we had a lovely time.

2) An impromptu day in the sun watching the children cycle up and down the street was followed by a camp out in the lounge and homemade S'mores (gluten and milk free style!) so tasty and a great night (even if it was one which ended in severe back ache!) 

3) Happy mail from New Zealand! My friend holidayed over there for two weeks and sent me back some snacks and two postcards which was really kind.

4) Plenty of reading. I love picking up books and grabbed some recipe books from the library which I copied recipes from before returning promptly (to avoid charges which I'm oh so good at incurring) I read crime novels which I rarely read (I won't pick up another again for a while, they really get in my head and freak me out but they're so well written and hard to put down. I'm having a break at the moment to enjoy other hobbies but a good book is never far away.)

5) We enjoyed nature on our school walks. The children have found snails, pine cones, different birds and a nest too. It didn't look like there were inhabitants in it anymore but we still walk by quietly just in case.

6) We had a lovely day in Penzance to see my Gran at the beginning of the month. To get out of the house we all took a walk by a river then went paddling for a bit. I had a lovely time with my babies dipping our toes into the water and giggling. A big dinner followed, it was such a nice day.

7) To spend some time with my sister I went to my parents house with Little A. Midge had stayed the night so was already there. We went to the beach and I took some nice photos of my parents hometown. I had a paddle, chased Midge with seaweed and just re-embraced my inner child.

8) Mr B won his football cup! Since this is a late post he has now had his final cup game which they also won! Yippee! He's the one sticking out like a sore thumb in his bright yellow goal keepers kit.

9) Trevithick Day with Midge was a lovely day. I really enjoyed the rides, the cheeky chips and bacon and of course the steam engines. Spending time alone with Midge was obviously great and in May we are off for a break, for 5 days just us girls!

10) Finally a few happy April thoughts to do with the little things. Midges room was done and I'm really pleased with the result. Midge has been doing well in school, going into another phonics group, getting good results on spelling tests and loving her reading. Little A has been continuing to thrive in nursery, he got accepted into the same school as his sister and has been in general much easier (give or take a few days!) to be around.

What made your April a happy month? I'd love to know.

Cupcake Mumma

A Cornish Mum

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