Dear So and So

Dear Midge,

I've booked our train tickets and I can't wait to take you for a girly 5 days away to Bath. I hope to show you where I grew up and do some exciting things. I know you're a little worried about your SATS next week but it's nothing to worry about and I'll keep saying it to you until it sinks in! We'll have a great time together; it's long overdue!

Lots of Love
Mumma xxx
Ps You want to start your own blog? We'll talk about it!

Dear Little A

It's been a tough few weeks hasn't it? Mostly we've been good but there's been more than a few days that have you so angry and mummy so sad. Last night as we held eachother sobbing I think I realised I can do better. We will work on our routines,we will find what works just right for you.

Love you with *squeezes*
Mumma xxx

Dear New Government,

I was pretty upset with the result but now I've calmed down I'm neither here nor there. I mean, as a person who cannot help but empathise and feel worried for others you really do scare me. For my own family I kind of worry. I just have to be strong. I will probably do lots of writing, you know, to try to get someone out there to listen. You know I don't like hunting, I really worry about the rise in food banks..I think we as a society can do much more to help the NHS and I hope you don't sell it all off...I'm not sure right now we'd be happy with any particular party, I'm not sure labour would've changed much but I do like to believe they'd look out for the most vulnerable which we've already seen isn't something you've done well at IN a coalition so I worry what the next 5 years will be like for those people.

From Mrs B

Dear People of the world,

Stop hurting eachother. Smile at strangers in the street. Use your voice and power for good. Hold doors open. Chat with the elderly. Make good memories. Empathise with others. Accept situations, change the things you can. People have rights, stop bullying and name calling; what's done is done and most of us do what we believe is right. Hug. Do something random and kind. Share. Be passionate. Forgive. It doesn't mean you forget but it means you can move on.

The not perfect but it doesn't hurt to try Mumma who is feeling disheartened by some of society today.


Dear Hubby,

You won!! You won your cup in football and I'm so proud of you! You keep me going and I know I'm not easy to live with but my goodness I love you and appreciate you! Looking forward to Roller Disco this weekend!!

Hannah xxx
Dear Readers,

Thank you as always for reading my blog and if you follow it, you're amazing, thank you! I've just made a new Facebook page so if you hang out over there give us a like! I'd love some ideas on future blog posts. I don't post so much anymore and really miss it but when I feel tired nothing goes on in my brain (just "I need sleep!") I'm doing another mug swap soon so do let me know if that's something you'd be into!

Cupcake Mumma x