Dear March.....#A-ZChallenge

Dear March,

I usually title these posts something like '10 Things I loved in...' but as it's the a-z challenge I thought I'd write a thank you for all the things we got up to during the lovely month that was March 2015. We welcomed spring with some lovely walks, seeing the beginning of beautiful flowers in the nearby neighbourhood green...

I had some wonderful hot chocolate dates with my Little Man before nursery. I consumed a lot of medium sized caramel hot chocolates in March and Little A had a number of baby hot chocolates himself. Sometimes we went wild and added cherry bakewells into the mix...

At the end of the month we had the Easter bonnet parade where both my children made me feel incredibly proud. Midge was walking with her friend even giving her a high five at the end of the cat walk whilst Little A, who only last Christmas was a crying wreck during a Christmas choir of sorts with the rest of his nursery buddies, strutted down the cat walk, hand in hand with another little girl, waving a grinning from ear to ear. I may have cried...

March brought me lots of little things like an opportunity to squirrel away a few pounds for Christmas, lots of happy mail from my pen pals and swap partners and the introduction of Sky TV which means I can watch Friends until I'm sick of it. Thanks March...okay, and everyone else involved.

We enjoyed several lovely walks and I helped Little A climb some trees for the first time...

I also had a wonderful Mothering Sunday...

Thank-you March, for a wonderful month.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Lovely post Hannah. Hope you are having a fab Easter x

  2. So many lovely things for you and your family in March. It really does the heart a lot of good to sit back, reflect and recognise what one is thankful for. Love the picture of your little boy in the tree :-) #AtoZChallenge

  3. What a lovely tribute to the month of March! I love the photos to go along with the highlights!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings