A-Z Challenge: E

Easter Holiday so Far

We're not even half way through and already we've done some fun holiday activities. There's been cookie baking and mixing marshmallow with rice crispies to make the most delicious crispie squares that are gluten free:

We found Easter eggs that mysteriously popped up on Easter Sunday outside our bedroom doors (which were soon devoured for breakfast!) It's okay it's Easter, I'm cool with eating chocolate on Easter morning. Christmas morning I find is also acceptable too...

We've seen the Grandparents and had a lovely roast dinner, Midge has been to the seaside to rock climb with her Auntie who is visiting from university for 3 weeks (yey!) and we've also squeezed in a friend coming to visit along with a trip to a soft play area with a fellow Mum and school friend.

Midge has had her little best buddy over again and next week we'll be meeting up with my (one and only) Mummy friend who has an adorable new baby for me to cuddle (and then hand back of course). I'm planning to build another indoor tent with the Little Ones and also do some marble painting, glop making and probably more baking!

Little A will more than likely be found on the sofa stuffing his face with whatever food he can find until further notice though..

Hope you're all having a fun Easter holiday!



  1. That egg looks gigantic!! I have yet to discover the wonders of glop making but I really love little mans "boy" knees! My legs were always grass stained and covered in food too. Yeah, tomboy I know lol Sounds like you have all had a marvelous Easter! Big hugs you gorgeous bunch xxx

    1. My sister was always the mucky one in our family lol she was a tomboy too! The egg wasn't quite that big but it was Alfies so still bigger than perhaps necessary!! xxx

    2. Haha so true! Very much a tomboy! Might go back and be the mechanic I always wanted to be :P