Our Week That Was~ Week 12

Last week seems to be a blur already! It was a tiring week more than anything, but a good one. I started it with a morning on Monday staying out with Little A at the library and buying a hot drink and a newspaper. I like starting my Mondays in a more positive way at the moment. On Tuesday after school Little A came down with a bit of a cough, which soon became another bout of croup, two days off school for him!

Yummy Monday stew// Poorly boy// Moment of happiness with bubbles//Crafting

On Wednesday I crafted with Little A and then did some with Midge after she finished school. I got some exciting happy mail this week in the form of a Harry Potter necklace (which I bought purely for the pendant to re use it! I then got my PJ bottoms on Thursday which I opened in Costa with my Little A (who ate both my free from wraps which are not cheap!) Anyway, I love my new PJ bottoms! I dropped A off and saw the schools chicks they've been looking after (they've just hatched very recently!) They were so, so cute. It's caterpillars next which will be great for the children. 

Home crafted mug// Deathly Hallows// Nursery chick// Harry Potter PJ bottoms!

As you can see I didn't get up to much, and anything else I got up to I've forgotten! Oh dear...I did have a lovely weekend seeing my Aunt for her birthday. Midge has made a new friend at school so she was out having fun at her friends house when I popped over with A and both my parents. We had a lovely little meal and some cake and ice cream (win!)

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  1. Wow! Those pjs look awesome!! I hope A is feeling better :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  2. I hope a is feeling better, Joe occasionally get croup and its so awful, I love you Harry Potter pjs too xx