Updates from the Cupcake House

It's been a while since I actually sat down and thought about what I was going to write on Cupcake Mumma. Last week I had a bit of a moan but we were all ready for the school routine to start again and so far I've been proven right. I've not been around much here. I've been adding to my stationery collection, catching up with my best friend, writing letters and taking part in swaps. A lot of this I do want to blog about too and I will do..I see no rush.

So, the summer holidays have been a huge blogging mojo killer. I'm still not really there, I need a laptop that's what I need. My current system for sending and editing photos is long and irritating. Not a good mix for blogging! I'm hoping something will turn up soon *looks at parents with puppy dog eyes long before birthday* surly 25 is a milestone no!?

So that's a little bit of absence explained. What's been happening with The Cupcakes? Like most of the country we are now back at school. Midge has settled in wonderfully and loves year 2. Her teachers seem friendly and easy to talk to which is important at all times but even more for me as Midge can be a bit shy and I worry about her. Her class have been to the woods and Rainbows had started again! To celebrate 100 years of Brownies, she's off for a day of activities with Rainbows, Brownies and some Girl Guides on today! How fun!

My Little A missed his sister madly on Monday but come Tuesday afternoon it was his turn to start his new class too! I've spent the whole summer holidays going from relaxed to a total anxious mess about Little A starting nursery and it's all been down to how he reacts to other children and his slow speech development. Let's face it, no one wants their child to be looked at as the one to avoid because they don't share or they tantrum and appear spoilt (when in fact it's because he can't talk to me like a fair number of children his own age can so tantrums are his way of expressing emotions etc) There was nothing to worry about! He was dry all day (still potty training!) he was well behaved and had a great day. I left in tears that morning but dropping him off the rest of the week was easy (even if I do feel like I've forgotten something as I walk around alone!)

We're all going along as usual here and getting back into the swing of things. Blog wise, I've put together a few bits to giveaway as it is my blogs 3rd birthday on September 19th! I want to blog about my brand new subscription box, my latest craft swaps, share some paper love, show off our vegetable growing efforts and there's a recipe or two to treat you with too! Plus a pocket money cooking book review and more!

I look forward to writing properly again, thanks for not abandoning me !

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Lovely to see you blogging again,Hannah :-) and wow,child free when little A is at nursery....it seems really strange to think about you without your little gang around you! I'm glad Midge is settling into year two and yes a understanding teacher is like gold dust!
    Nursery sounds like it will be good for little A and give you a bit of breathing space too.
    So all good at the Cupcake house....woohoo :-) look forward to hearing more bloggy bits whenever you are ready xxx

  2. I still need to find my blogging mojo! Lovely photos x