Best of Parenting app Review and £20 Amazon Giveaway!

It's no secret that we've been having a few stresses of late with behaviour in the Cupcake House. Little A was causing us concern over his very dramatic tantrums and Midge has been driving us slightly around the bend with homework refusal and repeated bedtime wakings (technically not waking as she's just up and down not even going to sleep!)

Little A and I have been getting help and advice from our local health visitor (we've been happily signed off already but know she's always there if we need her help again) but this new app has given me some really useful suggestions and it will really apply to midge too.

Best of Parenting is an app ( as well as online blog) with suggestions on how to deal with tantrums, fussy eating, swearing, whining, homework refusal, sibling squabbles and so much more! You get daily suggestions which you can read if you feel they'd be of benefit to you. This app is really great because it is adapted throughout for ages ranging from 1-18. I don't know of any other apps which provide this. I have noticed that most of the sections don't show much change, if any, but this indicates to me that the approach (which I think I'd describe as firm but gentle) is adaptable to many different age groups. I can certainly see how I talk Little A around (age 3) during a potential strop is the same, effective approach for one of Midges (age 6) slightly rarer melt downs.

I plan on using this free app whenever I get a bit stuck on how to handle a certain situation. It will come in handy for my fussy eating Midge and diffusing yet more melt downs with Little A! It's worth a mention that to save time you can search the app using keywords which will be matched with the appropriate section. I tried to search for help with dropping the dummy and was a little disappointed to not find a match. I did break it down though and realised when I take the dummy away I'm met with tantrums, so that was the appropriate section for us. You won't find help on many issues (such as teething, nightmares and night terrors) I don't believe the app focuses on these issues, more issues which are really common throughout all ages.

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Good luck!

Cupcake Mumma

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