Addis Sit and Store! Fab Storage Solution!

Do you know what I think is really cool? Having a product that doesn't just do one thing but does two things! It doesn't matter how simple these two things are, if a product can provide me with two functions I'm usually sold. Easy to please me!

For a while I've been hunting for storage for Little A's (very) many toy cars. He has hundreds and that's no joke. I have been using a basic, plastic see through box but recently Little A leaned on it and snapped a bit of the corner off leaving a very sharp edge that I had to tape up to make sure no one got hurt. Since then I've been looking for something small, toddler proof and something that will fit a small space. That's when I was contacted and asked if I would like to review an Addis Sit and Store storage unit.

My Addis sit and store arrived quickly and I love it! Available in red and blue it is cylinder shaped and a lot bigger than I imagined. As soon as it arrived we tipped all of A's cars into it. As you can see the sit and store is now full to the brim! However, it is still really light and easy to move and the lid fits on perfectly despite the cars filling right up to the top.

Both Little A and myself have had a sit on the storage box and I think it's really comfortable for a plastic object! The lid is shaped for your bottom and I like that! It could have been made to be a standard flat lid but the shape just screams 'you can sit on me too!' (Told you I really get into this stuff!)

So, we love the look, the colour, it's a really useful product and it's currently £12.79 online. It doesn't look cheap and horrible and fits in perfectly owing to it's cylinder shape. I could re locate it to many areas of my house without finding it a nuisance. The one and only criticism I have is although light, there isn't anything to grab hold of to move the sit and store. I'm not saying you need to pop handles on its sides (that may actually ruin the look) but I can't even get a grip underneath the lid, so if I lift it up with the cars, one slip and I could have a lot of cars noisily falling to the floor complete with storage unit! If I want to pick it up properly I have to remove the lid otherwise the lifting hurts my back. Other than that I would recommend the Sit and Store by Addis to anyone needing storage.

 I was sent the Addis sit and store free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Cupcake Mumma