New Boots for Midge- The Full Review!

Recently I wrote this post showing off a fabulous new pair of boots Midge was to review by Hi-Tec. Finally, after battling the sickness bugs I am able to show you the boots in all their comfy glory and give you an idea of what Midge thought about them once testing them out.

To see more of our thoughts on the look of the boots please see this post. The boots are visually lovely to look at and we've had lots of comments from people saying how nice they look, how warm they look and where do you get them from? Each time we've agreed completely because Midge finds them incredibly warm and they fit nicely.

For the first week we had the 'new shoe' issue where the boots rubbed on the back of midges ankles. We doubled her socks up which helped to cushion her ankle more. After this I've had no more complaints and Midge has been happily running and jumping around with no problem at all. As I said, a fairly common new shoe problem.

In the photo below you can see how thick and snug the inside of the boots are. I asked Midge for her input here: "They are very soft and my feet are really warm especially in the playground. I like the pink colour and the inside feels soo soft. Now my feet are better I really like walking in my new boots!"

So, the boots look good, bar a minor discomfort in the first week they are now completely comfortable and they are very warm. Another thing: they are waterproof! I wasn't sure if they'd do too good in this really wet weather but they appear to be absolutely fine and Midge doesn't come home with soaking wet feet so I'm happy! The boots take a little while to dry off though so we place them under the radiator instead of in our usual spot for shoe storage and this is no problem.

My favourite part of the boots are the orange soles which are fab for walking in this weather in the wet, on the slippy leaves and climbing on play equipment. The bottoms are really well made and have a great grip, better than any shoe or boot Midge usually wears out.

I'm really pleased with these boots and am confident they will last a long time, even with my shoe destroying daughter! Thanks to Hi-Tec for sending these out to us for review!

Cupcake Mumma

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