A-Z Challenge: A

A is for A

Or my Little A as he is affectionately known on this blog. Little A is now 2 years old (25 months if you want to be precise) he is inquisitive, mischievous and such a little lad.

Watching Max and Ruby
Right now his favourite things are:
Max and Ruby, chocolate (and a lot of it if he had his own way!), playing musical instruments and snuggling with his blanket. He sleeps through most nights but sometimes still needs a good cuddle or half an hour in Mummy's bed before making it known he's ready to go back into his cot bed.

He's been loving Easter and enjoyed yesterdays egg hunt where he found his little chocolate bean filled bunny  in the front room. It didn't last long! I'm pleased to say Little A is very much still into having lots of Mummy cuddles. His vocabulary is really coming along and I love it when he says "love you!" before bedtime and asks for a kiss by smacking his lips together.

It's true what they say, they really do grow so fast.

With thanks to Arlee Bird who is the founder of this fantastic blogging challenge. May I live to post another day!