What I've Learnt Today..

1.It's National Chocolate Week this week. This is good for many, many reasons but it also leads me to believe that every week is a National 'something or other' week...

2. Children really do ask you some interesting questions. 'Mum, where does water come from?' Good question Midge, let me briefly pop back to 2004 and pretend I was listening in Science because, lets face it, there is a proper answer here!

3. Oven jacket potatoes ain't all that and a bag of chips...Or i'm just doing them wrong.

4. If you leave your phone laying around your 4 year old WILL take photos:

5. I owe £6.80 to my local library for a book I cooked from twice and then forgot to return. Serves me right really but how bloody long have I borrowed it?! I'm sure it wasn't that  long!! 

6. That you can't remember everything. I forgot 'Show and Tell' today but in my defense i did remember letter writing, math homework (early), £1 for the Halloween party and to bring a drinks bottle to class!