'I'm Bored'

It's been a long old day. A boring one at that. I used to drive my parents mad when I would spend every hour of the day announcing just how bored I was and now it would seem I'm starting to drive myself mad.
You see, it's not that I don't have anything to do- blimey there's washing up, laundry, hoovering (you get the picture) but those things are so boring. They're necessary though so they have been done (except the washing up, I refuse to do the washing up as it's the one job for my husband and he's still not getting the hint) it's cool though, I have a 4 and 19 month old so there's plenty of patience left in me...

I guess I just didn't really know what to do today. Husband and Midge had gone out, Little Man was really sleepy and still not feeling all that well so I just popped him to bed. I was lucky that my mother in law dropped over with an old case of beads and sequins so that took up some time.
I then Skyped my sister which is always an event. It went well until the sound delayed and the webcams were blurring up. We had a brief catch up and it's always nice to see her happy so that was a good half hour or so.

Making faces to make me feel better about looking
at my ugly mug! Just couldn't not laugh!
Then nothing. Just sat there on my arse doing nothing but watching friends and eating soup...which was delicious. I don't know is that just a good, old fashioned lazy Sunday? Maybe Ive become so uptight I can't even relax properly? I just feel I shouldn't be relaxing. That there's always something to do but why not just sit there and not give a hoot?

I was thinking the other day,(actually it was 2am and I was talking to my husband) just how laid back we were only a few years ago. The town changed us into something we've never been before: a pair of uptight, stressed out morons not thinking to just live like we used to!!
We used to have a massive box of a tele, a playstation 2 which was hardly played and a tonne of paints, paper and books. We read, we used the TV for a bit of In The Night Garden and as a radio. We had a laptop which I used to go on forums whilst I was trying to conceive and to catch up with my friend by e-mail (as I had a normal phone, pay as you go, lived in the middle of no where and had no credit with crap signal) we were so HAPPY.

There was the smallest patch of front garden Midge used to burst onto totally starkers. We walked the woods, cycled to the beaches. I miss all of that. I miss the old ladies and our once a week trip to town to buy our groceries (which we were strict on) I miss painting with Midge and not caring about mess and neither would her Daddy (he gets really miffed about stuff on the carpet).

I find the town so useful and it's such a wonderful place to be for doctors, schools and shops. I can walk everywhere which is good because we'll never afford a car! But I feel like I've built myself a mini prison. I hate baby groups, I have to take a bus to any decent walks because they're just too far with the kids, I've even looked into Geo-Caching which looks like great fun but there's only a few nearby and after that it's just shelling out money I don't have on transport to get me as near as possible to some box!

I think I need to think this through some more...I''ll let you know how I get on!


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    1. My dear sister, you are ALWAYS welcome :-) xxx

  2. Hah, I am forever saying I am bored when I have loads of housework/day-to-day stuff that needs doing! Used to drive my parents mad saying it all the time too!

    1. Least i'm not the only one! Those jobs are boring though aren't they lol xx