Eden Project!

We were sent some vouchers by BuyaGift.com to review a day out at a garden with afternoon tea for two included. After looking at the site I was pleased to see The Eden Project was one of the choices. As we live in Cornwall I said 'sure thing' and was sent an e-voucher. This process is really easy with simple instructions. I simply logged online and registered my e-voucher so we were ready to go!

On Saturday we took the train to St.Austell and waited for the designated bus to The Eden Project. Midge had no idea where we were going so when we arrived and handed in our vouchers (really straight forward) seeing the 2 big biomes was quite a surprise for her! She thought they looked like space ships which is fair enough!

First, we went for a little walk around looking at all the fruits and vegetables the garden offers. There were cauliflowers, raspberries and strawberries, all the food items you can grow in your own back garden. Midge seemed to like the idea of growing some of her own food so I'm not thinking about building a small veggie box in the back garden. We don't have much space but every little helps right?

After this we went through the bakery where we saw people having a go at making their own food and it was really good to see the chefs preparing lunch. This is where you can pick up your free hot drink and slice of cake. Unfortunately we didn't know this and ended up going to the cafe on the way out. The staff were really friendly and allowed us to have a cake from there and swap the hot drinks for cold drinks anyway. Personally I don't think it should matter where you use the voucher for the food but maybe there's a reason?

The first Biome we visited was the Mediterranean Biome. This is a nice temperature with a small cafe inside. You can also get massages some days at the moment and there are story times held at least twice during the day. There were a variety of chilies growing in this Biome as well as sun flowers, Lilies and other cool plants and trees such as the 'Cork Tree' where the bark is used to make the the cork for our wine bottles!

Bark from the tree that is made into cork.

Some amazing sculptures are on display here
The sculptures there were pretty amazing and Midge wanted to take some of her own photos so here they are:

We visited the Tropical Biome next which i'll just say now is so, insanely hot. I didn't go around the whole Biome which is a shame but I explored a few parts with Midge before feeling really dizzy and desperately searching for the nearest exit!
We got to see the huge banana trees, try some really nice, refreshing drink (forgotten the name but it was very rich and coconuty!) There were some beautiful plants in the biome with such bright colours.

I don't fancy eating these!
Lots of ants busy at work!
This was the real winner of the day though. A large wooden cart full of wonderful spices that you can take out and smell. It was just really cool to smell all of these different spices and Midge was really keen to learn what they all were and where they came from. I also thought it all looked really arty and I wouldn't mind having a go at doing a few drawings.

Because we didn't do the whole of the Tropical Biome and because we had both children who are quite young and got bored of hanging around waiting for Mummy to photograph and read everything we didn't spend that long there. We spent a good couple of hours though and had a lot of fun.

I do recommend this day for pretty much anyone though. If you don't like heat you may want to give the Tropical Biome a miss, although you will also miss out on some really lovely plants and great carts displaying all the different foods from various countries. We all had a great time and slept very well that night!


* I was sent a voucher for 2 people to gain entry and be provided with 2 hot drinks and a cake each at the bakery. Under 5's are free. As usual all writing and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. We were there in the summer holidays and really enjoyed it. The vegetable garden was truly inspiring ... I had to keep going back for another look!

  2. Wow! Going to have another look through the photos when I get on the laptop. Looks like you all had an amazing day and great that the kids enjoyed it too. Would love to go again and see how its changed. Great post! xx

  3. I do love Eden - we've been a couple of times - once quite early on and then again about 5 years later - the difference was amazing.

    I think we all preferred the Med Biome - we just found the heat in the Tropical one too much.

    Looks like you had a good day :)

  4. Looks great I'd love to go - love the pictures! x