Day 29 Where Have you Travelled?

I bet I'm going to be so very boring compared to a lot of the bloggers participating in this challenge! I have only travelled out of the UK twice and that was, on both occasions, to France.

I went when I was very tiny on a big family holiday and I don't remember a thing. I was probably about 3 but have been informed I ate frogs legs. How gross.
I also went to Brittany when I was in year 7 with my school year so I was 11 then. We stayed in a convent, had only 5 minutes to shower to get through everybody, there was a lot of sun burnt teens and not much to do. I came back with a few items from the Hypermarche. I don't have the items I bought but I did recently find the receipt from this trip in my memory box which I was delighted about! I spent most of this trip pretty bored to be honest and kept falling out with my best friend too so what could have been an exciting and educational trip to France was spoiled and I don't think that well planned considering I don't remember a sodding thing!

Otherwise I've only ever been to Sussex for a funeral, Devon where my Aunt and Uncle live (and that was years ago) and Cambridge which I love and cannot wait to visit again. We went to My aunts house where they hold a music festival some years, it was fantastic!

Live music!

A lot of kegs!
I wouldn't mind seeing America but I don't think we'd ever be in that kind of position financially, still you never know. I would also need to get over the fear of planes which is pretty bad! Otherwise I have no desire to go abroad and just want to explore my country so much more.



Unknown said...

I agree, there is always plenty to see and do in your own country and it is cheaper and the locals speak the lingo too.

Kat Sighs said...

There are a lot of great places to visit right here, I totally agree x

Claire said...

I also have a problem with planes! I can't imagine being on a plane for more than 10 hours! Last time I traveled it was only for four hours and I already kept on asking the stewardess how long it would still be before landing...though I knew very well the answer. :)

Hannah said...

I don't blame you for being nervous and asking! I don't think i'd even get that far! x Thanks for the comment and follow! :)

James said...

Your American fans would love to see you visit the United States.

Hannah said...

Ah and I would love to go there James! Thank you!