Day 27/31 A Favourite Recipe

I cannot believe we're nearly at the end of May now, that has gone surprisingly quick! For today's prompt, I have to choose a favourite recipe of mine. I do a bit of cooking but find it a bit of a chore if I'm honest. I prefer to bake things but even then I find it hard to muster the motivation required!

However, a few months ago I made a vegan cheesecake which was really, really tasty. If you want to see how I made it, please click here as I blogged about it for my Pinaddicts Challenge.

Below are some photos of this tasty treat. I made it for my Vegan Aunt, but I myself have a various dietary requirements so this is also gluten and wheat free. Berries are my favourite topping but I must try some more. We're having a Jubilee celebration this weekend coming so maybe some tasty ideas for a new topping?


  1. Looks delicious although I couldn't see the actual recipe anywhere (this may be because I have got the little 'un off school ill today and he keeps distracting me).

    I had to cater for a vegan recently and made banana loaf, which came out quite well.

    1. Hi Julie thanks for pointing that out to me I have changed the link now! How silly of me! Thanks for your comment x