Why I Like Being Small

I know, odd post but it struck me the other night staying at my sister in laws house with the Little Miss and Man, both of whom wouldn't sleep that I quite like how much of a short arse I am! You see, I was tucked up in a toddler bed (very small toddler bed may I add!) It wasn't totally comfortable as you can imagine but I snuggled up to Little Miss who couldn't bare me to leave her side, curled up in the foetal position she could nestle her bottom between my stomach and legs..like some sort of human chair I suppose...!

I woke up at 7am to hear cries from my niece because Little Miss had left her bed half way through the night to seek space and comfort in the spare one. Little Miss heard these cries and immediately wanted to go into their bedroom for morning chats and CBBC. You would think at this point I would choose to go downstairs and snuggle under the nice, thick blanket I left at 2am on the sofa...Oh no, the toddler's bedroom was dark. It was empty and sound proof (sort of). The half my size kids blanket my niece sleeps under was still warm...yes that's right, I sloped straight back into the tiny dwarf bed, turned my back to the door and really thanked myself for staying so short.

There are other wonderful things about being short. Like not being able to hang my coats up on high pegs. Some rather nice person will always offer to do it for me. If not, I find it quite funny hopping like my 4 year old does when she's in a desperate bid to reach the out-of-bounds chocolate. I also love the fact that I can easily fit in the soft play areas. I can climb through big circles, I could rescue a scared child in a heart beat. I'd be like super mum! My sister is the same. She's a little taller but nice and slender. She has been a child rescuer before:

I'm sure she'll thank me later!!

What's not so great is finding out just how short you are. I always thought I was 5ft 5, then my height was measured when I was pregnant with Little Man at my second scan...I was actually 5ft 3. After a year I had a general run of the mill GP appointment where my doctor wanted to weigh me and take my height. 'No worries on the height front' I grinned 'But keep the numbers a secret on the old scales please?' 
She smiled at me, asked how tall i was then measured me. 'Oh,' she said. 'You're actually 5ft 2..and a half.' Great.
If someone asks me my height now I love the reaction I get. Same as asking me what my shoe size is. Everyone gets gasps or nods at their fairly average size feet. I announce i'm a 4 'Awww,' like I have cute little baby feet or something. Doesn't bother me, in truth for once I quite like the attention!

Are you small and love it? Or perhaps it bugs you immensely? Maybe you're quite tall and can see just how great that is. I would love to see over a high fence to view the landscapes, sometimes being taller would be great for photography or I could actually see over people without needing a piggy back! 
Ah well, least it's more fun up there!

Cupcake Mumma