Project 366 Febrary 27- March 4th

February 27th 2012
We got excited for the train!
February 28th 2012
I jazzed a jam jar up with some old fabric and ribbon. 
February 29th 2012

March 1st 2012
This is where the Tories hang out...I just like the building and it was another warm Spring day.
 March 2nd 2012
'Super L'!!!
March 3rd 2012
A beautiful day in Porthleven, Cornwall. It was very nippy past the harbor.
 March 4th 2012
As usual I collected these for my postcard collection. The middle 2 will go in my kitchen.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures hunni x

Stressy Mummy said...

Fab photos! I love the photo of the boat - really unusual!

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

That is such a typically Cornish photo, love it!

Hannah said...

Thanks Chole :-) x

Hannah said...


Hannah said...

Haha thank you!

Caroline said...

What a lovely idea! I wish it was the new year so I could start - would go against every OCD grain in my body to start now for 365 days! Keep it coming :) xx

Hannah said...

Thanks for your comment Caroline :) I was the same! I had to wait for 2012 otherwise I think I may have gone a bit nuts lol xx

Unknown said...

I love the boat photo, very peaceful!

Emily (@amummytoo) said...

What a lovely excited face in that first pic! And the others are lovely too :)

TheBoyandMe said...

Love the look of excitement! That building is stunning.
Thanks for linking up to #Project366