This week Baby I Promise...

So last week I promised to get you your room back...well I have sort of. Today Mummy gets her new bed so now anything that remains can be sorted out and all Daddy has to do is put up some shelves! You do have plenty of room to play and all your clothes are tidied up! On to this weeks promise...

This week babies I promise

To do some baking with you Little Miss and to let you Little Man share a bath with Mumma! I know how much you hate baths but maybe you'll enjoy one with your Mummy?

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Mum Of One


  1. I haven't tried sharing a bath with W yet...sounds good though! Hope you have a great week!

    Oh, and are you on twitter? Was sending out ISpy reminders for tomorrow night and couldn't find you? Tweet me if you are @jbmumofone

  2. Doh forgot about I spy better get on it! Im not on Twitter I know I should be but I cannot get my head around it!! btw yes it's lovely having a bath with the little ones...Ill let you know about how nice screeching little ones in baths are though next week! Hannah

  3. LOL, please do. I know what you mean about twitter. Still don't really know what I'm doing but great way to get to know other bloggers. Tweet me if you join x