52 Weeks To An Organised Home-Week Two Results

Oh so I was a busy girl this last week and I'm set to be even more busy again this week thanks to a challenge I'm taking part in called '52 Weeks to an organised Home'. So far it is working. Week 2's challenge was to sort my cupboards...pots and pans, plates and bowls, junk cupboards, cutlery draws, 'that draw' and anything in between!

If you go here you will see my before pictures and a little write up behind the mess. This week I bring you my results. There is one cupboard which isn't featured because it was made so empty by my ruthless clearing out it was pointless in wasting an image!
Draw number one is my cutlery draw. Yes it still possibly looks a bit messy to some but it's actually about as tidy as I will get it! Little Miss and Other Half are always getting their hands in this draw and messing it up which is most annoying! This however is improvement!

Ahh that looks SO much better! I have found some rather jazzy glasses in a store around the corner for the little sum of 99p so I will get them tomorrow. I have got rid of roughly 4 mugs and 2 or so glasses which no longer had a 4th to complete its set. I'm aware I have a lot of bowls but they are ideal for the children, the Kellogs ones are very old and a set..Although I'll admit the Christmas one could be put back again!

Another cupboard I am pleased with. I did not photograph this one before as I forgot about it. This is my medicine cupboard which was before medicine/random food packets/crap and I'm pleased to say that is no longer the case! I have re located my baby milk, all my medicines are organised from those which are used most often with those which are used least often moved to the back. Luckily there was nothing out of date or unused so I don't have to make a trip to the chemist..phew!

This cupboard now has all my baking equipment inside it. I have my bowls at the back, my measuring jugs and cutters (which were previously strewn here there and everywhere) my blender for baby food and a random dish that was too nice to give away! I had a larger one which had some chips in I managed to part with. I also have moved my baby bottles to this cupboard too which was a better alternative than muddling up my mugs and glasses!

And finally for my birthday I got given a lovely cake dish which came in a sort of canvas like box. I got rid of the bottom because all it was was labels and nothing else but the top was this lovely cupcake design which I couldn't part with. The space above my oven has been annoying me for a while and now it is filled! This also means my serving dish has a home and I will remember to use it. 

You'll have to excuse the wall colour it is a due a new coat of paint!
I haven't got around to doing my second draw at present because I got rather caught with birthday prep so I may have to do this tomorrow!

So there you have the results of Week 2! Week 3 will see me tackling the food cupboards...This shouldn't be too hard as I have a good look through every week and base my weekly meals on what I have in the house, a good tip by the way for those who want to cut food costs!
52 Week Organized Home Challenge

Right until next week, Hannah X
PS How are you getting on?

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  1. Yeehaw!! Cupcake this is amazing!!! I have posted links to your before and after on my blog:) Keep it up. You are inspirational!!!