Harry Potter Boxset is Mineeee!!

You actually have NO idea how long i have waited to own the whole collection of Harry Potter. Yes i am a bit of a Harry Potter freak. I have read, but do not own the whole series of books and that is now on my list of 'Things I Really Need To Own'. I've borrowed and rented out the films for years just never got round to owning a single one (okay I had the first 2 on video but then I gave the video player away *sigh*)

So yes, this is what I shall be doing tonight now I have nothing else better to do. I will play my way through HP, eat my very strange new concoction of dark soya chocolate yogurt, banana and peanut butter heated in the microwave (don't ask), snuggle in my duvet and wait for Other Half to come home. Of course, as soon as he does come in he'll have to go back out again and get me some fries because I do not care tonight about the 'inches' they can wait until tomorrow..*humph*

May I add that this can now be crossed off my Project Zero list! Hurrah!! Another one down. Now for the next part and another thing to cross off this old Project Zero list: I am now, thank to the Other Half, I am the proud owner of a CD player again! It's even cooler because it looks just like the one I owned at 16. All the tunes came out earlier and I was thoroughly enjoying bobbing about to all sorts of post children music!

So yes, I am now off to tuck into Harry Potter (only on disc 2 got a way to go yet!), feel a little low (because I can't shake it off *sighs* again) and generally *leave Little Miss to her own devices (Bad Mumma) Well, until 7pm anyway.

*Little Miss is not harmed in any way by being left to her own 'devices'. I'm not sure what she does but I hear a lot of talking to her friends herself and going through my make up bag...Oh and I have just noticed that this also includes putting her fingers through my lovely snowy stars that I took the time and energy to spray on to my fireplace *sobs*. Just so ya know...


  1. i got mine the other day too, and watched the first film today, so exciting! sounds like you have a cosy evening in! xxx

  2. Hm cosy indeed! :-) Ah enjoy watching yours, I thought watching tonight in peace would be better than with screaming infants! xxx

  3. I still haven't watched the last Harry potter. Wasn't blown away by the last book so I guess that's why. Hopefully I'll get this in my stocking too.