Market Day!

I have not enjoyed going to my local market for so long and today I nearly wasn't going to go due to just feeling it was part of some boring, mundane routine I carry around with me every week. I am so glad that today though we went up there because boy, did we find some bargains!

Oh I know, more bargains to brag about, I may just be a little pleased with my finds (only a tiny bit-I promise!) Well, first we came across a lady selling all manner of things baby so naturally I was drawn to this pitch. I picked up a pair of Peppa Pig shoes for 50p which I think are going to be perfect for nursery (pretty shiny shoes just don't survive my daughter and the sandpit!) Then I happened to see one of those great seats which your child sits in and you tie it to a chair so they can sit at the table with you..this was £3 but I also had my eye on a little inflatable bath for Little Man to try as he seems to be quite terrified of the bath at the moment. Anything is worth a try in my house.

Anyway this was £2. I decided to take a long time debating which item I should pick up (knowing the booster seat was my best option but annoyingly drawn to the damn pool) when the lady looked up, saw I was still there and offered me both for £3. Yippee!!! I thought.

I picked up a non chocolate Christmas calender for the upcoming event for £1 inside the market, which is all lovely and glittery, Little Miss doesn't seem to be put off by the fact there are stickers inside instead of chocolate which is nice. We always grew up with both a choccy calender and also a very old (still going through) non choccy calender which we equally all enjoyed taking in turns to open.

We had lunch in Tesco and I got some good pics to share. I think the best bargain however was this 4 man tent from Tesco which was £30...reduced to....£7.50. I think I need a new blog title no?
Me and my Little Man having fun in the tent

Tomorrow I think I might bake something, cook a roast and maybe transform some recyclable objects into robots and Halloween decorations..I think Little Miss will like that. And dearest can finally sort the rooms!
Have a good Sunday

There are those teeth I was talking about!

Tucking In!

Cupcake Mumma x

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