My Sunday Photo ~ Polling Day

Polling day came and as usual the Mini Cupcakes wanted to join me. The only time I could do it was before school so off we went! They watched what I did, asked questions and Midge popped my folded paper in the ballot box. I loved their enthusiasm and feel I'm creating 2 little ones who will be real voters when it's their time!

11 comments on "My Sunday Photo ~ Polling Day"
  1. My eldest voted in his first general election on Thursday, it is one of those milestones of growing up

  2. It's great to see the next generation taking an interest in the electoral process.


  3. Excellent! I take my kids to the polling station every time I vote. They've been a few times now....what with all the recent opportunities to vote! #MySundayPhoto

  4. Great photo and story alongside it - I think it is great showing children the importance of voting.

  5. Love this, I took my eldest with me when I voted

    Thank you for linking up

  6. N and his cousin came with us (and my brother in law). There were a lot of question, but it's good for them to know how it works

  7. Lovely picture and it's great that they wanted to go along with you. My daughter wanted to go with me, but my boys couldn't be bothered!

  8. Ahh! How wonderful.
    My girls wanted to be involved too. We waited until they had finished school to go and vote x

  9. We did postal votes but I love the idea of taking children to the booths, so important!

  10. it's lovely when the kids take and interest in what we are doing and ask questions #MySundayPhoto

  11. It's always fab when they go along. It's peaks their interest to realise that it's something everyone should do #mysundayphoto


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