Craft Swap ~ A-Z Challenge C

I'm late posting my challenge post today, I hope to be organised next week but life is hectic on school holidays and I'm still plodding along nicely so I'm not going to pressure myself! I want to share my latest swap gift which was from Gemma as part of Dainty & Ivory's #DICraftSwap. The theme was love which was so nice!

Here are the lovely gifts I received in my mail box last month (sorry for poor lighting and photo quality) :

And my partner turned out to be one of my rather wonderful penpals Sarah who blogs here. Here's the package I put together for her:

8 comments on "Craft Swap ~ A-Z Challenge C"
  1. All are lovely. Is that one that looks like a shelf sitter decoupage on wood? It's my favorite.

    Check out Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern.

    Gina, I'm #1372 today

    1. Yes it is indeed, thanks I really loved making it too :)

  2. Love it all Hannah. Thank you very much for mine. xXx

  3. Cute crafts! I like the idea of a craft swap. Sounds fun!

  4. Been years since I've been part of one of those craft exchanges. I quit doing them, somehow I had the knack of always being paired with someone who really didn't participate, so after like 3 in row where I sent out my goods and got zilch ...not much of exchange, I stopped doing them. You did well!
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

    1. Oh no that's such a shame, I really don't like it when people sign up and then change their mind but don't say so. These situations are often easily sorted. Thanks for commenting :)


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