Our Week That was Captured: Week 5

This week:

I started a brand new book I've waited a while for. It's Confessions of a Mother Inferior by Ericka Waller. It was so good to read and crosses off another book from my 26 Books list! I'm now back to the 4th installment of Harry Potter.

I had lunch out with hubby once this week which was rather nice. We mooched around the shops and I bought lots of bits and bobs from town. I mainly bought clove oil, some nice new hair stuff to give me some volume and Little A a much needed bag! He adores his new digger bag.

I made a last minute rice pudding which is my all time favourite dessert. It cannot beaten if done properly. I was feeling a bit random so chose to eat out of a pink mug of mine instead of a bowl. I think this has more to do with greed than anything else actually!

I had yet another dental visit this week. I was poked and prodded but there's nothing he can see so I went off with a 7 day prescription for an infection which appears to not even exist. I think I'll be starting February with another set of drills for a replacement filling...

Little A has been very difficult these past couple of weeks but one day we went to nursery in the buggy and he asked to get out when we were nearly there. He then swapped places with his robot and pushed him some of the way before it was my turn. 

We've had a lazy Saturday because Daddy has been out at football. The kids built tents, mostly argued, were bribed with sweets that were supposed to be posted to someone else...hmm we watched a bit of Harry Potter and had a real junky tea. Before Little A could conk out on the sofa, I got out some craft bits and they both decorated their own t-shirts a friend gave me recently. I actually had a lot fun!

New book// Yummy rice pudding// A and his new bag!// *sigh*// Robot gets a lift// Painting t-shirts!

Next week it's non uniform day, I'm going to be doing some birthday planning for Little A, we have our very first paediatrician appointment which I'm very nervous about and no doubt more dental appointments for myself! I'm determined to get through next week without touching my little savings pot! Wish me luck!

Cupcake Mumma
10 comments on "Our Week That was Captured: Week 5"
  1. I'd love to know how you make a decent rice pudding, mine always comes out like a sponge! #twtwc

    1. It's all about not too much rice, I have a sweet tooth a few spoons of sugar for me, plenty of milk and some butter here and there for that skin on top if you like that of course. Then you whack it in, not too high and keep a good eye on it, stirring now and then it should be lovely and milky in my opinion not all dried up! Also nice with sultanas, think that's a Northern thing maybe?? x

  2. Oh that dentist appt sounds horrid, poor you!
    But the backpack is very cool!

    1. It's okay, I feel sorry for me too haha! I love his back pack too :) x

  3. Oh no to the dentist :-( I hope you get it sorted soon, I hate having dental problems. I bet it was lovely to have some time out for lunch with your hubby! The rice pudding sounds lovely. Hope you have a good week x #TWTWC

    1. It's rather misery making I must admit. Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  4. Oh I remember those days so well when Aaron himself would insist on pushing the buggy. The dental work sounds a bit disastrous. Sorry. Big hugs.

    Love these "week that was" posts xxx

    1. I remember a recent post of yours actually talking about just that. It' s a total mess up hope it ends soon thanks Liska! xx

  5. Eeeek dental work doesn't sound like much fun but finding time to read sounds great!! #TWTWC

  6. It sounds like you're having a rubbish time of it with the dentist at the moment love! Poor you :( A's digger bag ROCKS!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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