My Reasons to be Cheerful

I haven't been able to blog properly for some time and if you could see my current set up you'd understand why (laptop, keyboard, temperamental mouse, phone also attached for photos) as you can imagine it hasn't been easy to muster the enthusiasm to write! Nor has it been making me cheerful!

What has been making me cheerful though is my very recent trip to the Harry Potter Studios with my Mum and Midge. We all loved it, me more than anyone else. For someone with social anxiety I seemed to let go of all that. I was one of 3 shouting out proudly to being a Hufflepuff and I may (I did) get a little teary when the Great Hall doors were revealed (what can I say? I'm a true Harry Potter fan!)

Yesterday I had another reason to smile. My 25th birthday! I was spoilt by the family with a new phone, slippers, Care Bear PJ bottoms, books, stationery oh so much to be honest! My very wonderful friend Kat sent me a surprise vase of flowers ( with several of my favourites) plus a card and cupcake balloon. How thoughtful, I definitely had tears in my eyes !

I'm also enjoying half term with the children. We've bought our pumpkins, we're excited for Halloween tomorrow and we've made some rather cool orange glitter playdoh which we had fun with today. I'd love to hear what's been making you all cheerful too so please join in too!

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7 comments on "My Reasons to be Cheerful"
  1. Happy birthday beautiful lady!! (Although, I've realised, I'm old enough to be your mum.....just!!) Xxx

    1. Haha! Don't think about it! Thank you very much Jo I had a lovely day xx

  2. Happy Birthday!! Can't believe that you're barely older than my eldest girl :) We'd all like to go to the Harry Potter Studios too, sounds fab x

    1. Thank you! It really was fab I highly recommend! X

  3. Oh was Harry potter world good I have always wanted to go? Although is it more film like more book like? Happy birthday for the other day hope you had a good time. I am the same age although feel so so much more older. Thanks for joining in with Sunday round up

    1. Thanks Sara I had a lovely day . Harry potter was fab it's the set and props used on set filming all 8 films. If you're into the books you won't be disappointed either I a sure you! Thanks for hosting I will pop by asap to read fab blogs xx

  4. It sounds like you had a fab birthday,I'm glad,you deserve it. You take care of so many other people and do so many thoughtful bits and bobs for others,I'm glad you were treated well on your special day :-) and the Harry Potter photos are brill! xxx


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