A-Z Challenge: U

U is for Urges

Here are some of the urges I have experienced recently:

I have felt the urge to laugh at my daughter when she pulls that really stupid face before she bursts into a fit of fake tears and tantrums. I don't laugh (okay I do, but only when I'm in the kitchen and she's sat sulking in the lounge..) Seriously, how can you not laugh at a fake crying, tantrum throwing pudgy little face? It's sort of cute no?

I have felt the urge to punch the living hell out my husband for snoring in my ear hole several times this week already. He snores like a train and that is no exaggeration! I will say though that instead of performing some violent act on him he got moved to the sofa instead *insert big grin*

I have felt the urge to shove scooters and bicycle bells up places that don't see any sunshine. I despise the constant ringing of bells (stationary can I just add) being rung by teens hanging out on street corners and the juniors speeding by on their scooters running over feet and seemingly not even noticing...

* I am in a good mood today I promise*

I have also had the urge to throw things at my TV during Jeremy Kyle, This Morning and yet another episode of Max and bloody Ruby (Little A loves it so who am I to stop him watching it? Besides, he's poorly so wins all battles at the moment!)

I think that's enough urges for today. Have you had any 'urges' to do, go, see anything recently?

12 comments on "A-Z Challenge: U"
  1. Yes, Yes, and YES!! Especially the snoring. My train has a cold Grrrr! xxx

  2. I've been having the urge to go running, which is completely foreign to me. Very strange.

  3. I have a very strong urge to stay in bed tomorrow and 'be ill'. (So Not gonna happen)

  4. Oh, snoring is the worst! I kick my husband out and he goes to snore with my son in his room. I don't blame you!

    1. Haha! My daughter can snore quite well too, maybe I should pop them together!!

  5. I have nearly all of these urges. Not the bell one, I don't experience it that frequently. And sub your husband for mine.
    I'm going to a posh work do with my hubby tonight & have the urge this morning to dye my hair a stupid colour, liven the night up a bit!

  6. Ha ha, made me laugh lots! Get him to try the nose strip things, they helped my Hubby! Failing that how about those dog collars that give electric shocks or spray water when a dog barks, may work? ;)

    Behind on my post reading I'm afraid and just trying to catch up. It ain't easy this old A to Z.


    1. Thanks for the tips Kate! Might give the collar a go ;) xx


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