Pinaddicts June!

Hello! Welcome to another Pinterest Challenge. I'm really disappointed that I haven't found any shadow boxes yet as I've pinned such a wonderful idea and even have a big, empty wall waiting for this Pinterest craft so if you have any ideas let me know!

On to Junes task! I decided to make my Pinaddicts June craft a Father's Day one. So, to come up with something my Dad would love. What better than chocolate?

These are called Candy Bouquets and here is how you make them!

Gather all your items together and start by wrapping some nice tissue paper and cellophane wrap around a cut piece of florist foam, this will hide the unsightly green colour! 
One you've done that, start using strong tape (yes I soon realised my mini sellotape was not 'man' enough for the job) and secure your chocolates to the kebab sticks.
Insert each stick into the foam however you like until you feel it's perfect!
Add some finishing touches if you like, I added a nice blue ribbon I found in my craft box but you could do anything you like!

 Easy! Not the best picture I'll give you that but it survived a buggy walk and 2 bus rides so I don't think it came out too bad! Needless to say Pop loved it and from what I hear, it didn't last too long!!

Yes...He is 'smelling' the chocolate...And maybe kissing it?
 This week the lovely Kerry over at MyLoveBumps is hosting the Pinaddicts Challenge Linky so please link up over there and check out everybody else's! Don't forget to keep your eyes out for #Pinaddicts Tweets too! Now, what to make for July on top of service books and flowers for next months wedding!!

CupcakeMumma x
14 comments on "Pinaddicts June!"
  1. Aaah what a great Fathers Day gift! Actually any gift - I'd eat the whole lot in one sitting.. Nom nom :) thanks so much for linking up with us! xx

    1. Haha if i could eat it it'd be gone in seconds too! Thanks xx

  2. Mmmmm fab idea!! Yes please. Would like to Order one!

    1. Haha maybe I should make a business out of it!?

  3. Delicious! Wouldn't last very long in my house either ;-)

  4. What a brilliant idea! Love it. x

  5. Ha... fab idea- I'd be like Kerry & probably eat it before make it!

  6. I LOVE it! Chocolate instead of flowers? Perfect, although they probably go quicker than the flowers! The bouquet looks fab!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making it I must admit, good job I cant eat dairy otherwise it may not have lasted! x

  7. Great idea! Not sure how long it would last in our house though :-)

    1. Haha funny how a lot of people are saying that!

  8. Oooh that's a great idea, I can think of lots of people in my family that would appreciate one of those! Also to me it would smell just as lovely as a flower bouquet!

    1. I think if you took the wrappers off it would smell much better than a flower bouquet! Thanks for commenting x

  9. Nom! Your Dad must be so pleased to have a creative daughter who knows how to combine chocolate and craft! So doing this for friends and family xx


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