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This weeks prompt for The Gallery was to dig deep (or possibly not so) for a photo that will tell a 'family story'.
It didn't take me too long to think of this and wasn't as hard as I thought after one night going through some photos. So here is my Gallery offering:

Here is my Dad with Little Miss and my Little Man on their Christening day. It was a wonderful day and I do love this photo (wish he shaved though! Sorry Pops) but what I really want you to focus on is the beautiful Christening gown Little Man is wearing as that is where the story lies.

This gown was first worn by me when I was christened. I was born in 1989. My brother was born in 1991 and was also christened in the gown. Finally my sister, who was born in 1994 wore yes, this very same gown and nothing has changed on it. Nothing.
Not so long ago one of my 2nd cousins was christened in this gown up in London. We wore it when we lived in Gloucestershire, Tetbury. My son had his big day Cornwall, so it has traveled a fair bit too!
But what is even more wonderful is that this gown is made from the very same material as that of my mothers wedding dress. My mother made her own wedding dress and kept material back. When we were born she made this gown adding only a few new extras that were needed. How wonderful is that?
So for me, that's a little part of our history that stays firmly within our family.

To read more stories and see some more wonderful photos please click the link below to see Tara's fab blog Sticky Fingers
Hannah X

25 comments on "The Gallery"
  1. That is a beautiful traditions, love the gown ;) @Kahanka

  2. What a lovely story! :o) I kept my daughters' christening gown too, and hope it will be used again one day.

    1. Thank you :) Oh glad you kept it, hope it will get used again :) x

  3. How brilliant that you have something like that in the family for your children to share! x

  4. I love that it was made from the material of your mum's wedding dress. What a lovely story.

    We have a family christening gown that my mum was christened in, in 1955. It's been used for nearly every child born since, including me and my siblings and our children :)

    1. Wow 1955, that is really wonderful. That's a lovely story too! Thanks for your comment Shell x

  5. That is a wonderful story! What a lovely idea of your Mum's.
    Good job none of you were reflux babies though ;)

  6. What a wonderful story. I hope that your gown goes on to be special for many more children in your family.

    1. Thank you I hope so too whether i have a final one or not! x

  7. Oh Wow, what a beautiful gown and such a wonderful story behind it! I can see such a family resemblance between you all look very alike dont you x

    1. Lol we do look very a like! You should see my Mum haha. Thank you xx

  8. Such a beautiful story. I have my Christening gown, but unfortunately all my children have been fat hefiers and didn't fit in it from the start.

  9. We have a similar one in our family that my mother cut up her wedding dress to make. Sadly my son didn't get to wear it as he was too old (and so too big) when we got round to it at 7 months. My nephew wore it last year to his baptism though.

    1. Aw that is a shame. My daughter also didn't get to wear this gown which is such a shame but her dress was just as nice and it was lovely to have them chirstened together. Thanks for your comment x

  10. Awh, how lovely. I'm getting my son christened later on in the year and I plan to use my gown (also from 1989!) It's lovely to keep such family traditions isn't it? xx

    1. Ah a good gown year haha! It is lovely and I hope you have a wonderful day xx

  11. It is a beautiful gown, and that's a great story. My daughter wore the gown that my sister wore when she was christened. My Mum made the gown which was a lovely touch.

    1. That is lovely how nice that so many people also have something similar to keep in the family. x

  12. That's really special. How lovely that it's the same gown!

  13. A lovely picture and such a beautiful gown. Nice that it has tradition and a story that you can pass down to your kids.

  14. I love family traditions. we are making our own here!


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