Listography !

This weeks Listography is your Top 5 Most visited Internet sites. Mine are not too varied but they are all different! Here are my top 5 then! Don't forget to link up with you top 5 over at Kate Takes 5

1. obviously! I visit Cupcake Mumma everyday to read all my favourite blogger goings on, check for comments and write up any memes and anything else I may feel like writing about!

2. Yahoo. Not the actual site to be honest but this is my mail account which is checked more than twice a day. There's always something in my inbox which is always nice. And no it isn't junk, I have a whole different e-mail account I use for when I fancy signing up to things and bagging some online freebies! 

3. Facebook/Twitter. I only have a personal account on Facebook and that's enough for me thanks! I do like Facebook for being in the know (such a shame being in the know is all done online instead of an actual conversation or letter these days but hey!) I have only just got Twitter, I know it's a bit against the old rules but it's simply i click on FB click off, click on Twitter!

4. Amazon. I love Amazon as it's so cheap. I get craft stuff mostly now and it's really good for Christmas presents too. I loved them even more when I discovered through my sister in law that they sold 'Fluff' Yum!

5. Finally we have Pinterest. Since I requested an invite I have barely been off it and now, if you look to the right of my blog I have even joined a challenge called #Pinaddicts. How cool is that! I could spend forever on this site..I love it!

Not a bad list in my opinion! I think it's time to shut down all these sites now though and put the Little Miss to bed! X

14 comments on "Listography !"
  1. I think it must be time that I took a look at Pinterest - don't know why I've been avoiding it so long. Thanks for the nudge!

    1. I avoided it for ages kate, then I requested an invite out of curiosity now im so glad I did, really found my creative spark! :)

  2. How could I have forgotten Pinterest! Great List x

  3. How could you! It was because of you I found Pinterest haha! x

  4. oo our list is very similar, glad im not the only one! xxx

  5. I also have a 'junk' email. I wouldn't be able to cope with the number of newsletters I've signed up to coming through to my personal email account.

  6. This Pinterest thing seems to be big. Do I have time for more distractions though?

    1. Hmm I doubt you have the time (i don't) but im sure it'll slot in nicely somewhere! I don't use that much but once im on there Im not off for a long while!

  7. I know that this must seem really sad, but I have no idea what Pinterest is!! Will have to go and google it :)

    1. Hope you Googled and had fun! If you need an invite let me know! x

  8. Hmm - PInterest seems to be on interest to a lot of people. Maybe I will have to take a look to at some point. By the way - nice blog! :-)

    1. Thanks Kevin :) Pinterest is great, I recommend it :)

  9. I have a junk mail account! I'm sure it's a female thing as my hubby is always complaining about the amount of spam he gets!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Naturally :) We are the more organised :D tehe


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