Review: National Geographic Mini Dig Kits


Today I wanted to show you our latest review of National Geographic's STEM kits. The boys were thrilled to get a mini dig kit this time from Bandai and Will in particular wanted to dive right in with his mini dig kit. I think they're liking their Ambassador role!

We received 3 mini dig kits which retail for around £4.99 on Amazon and available in all good toy stores. These are a little messy so I recommend a covered table if you don't fancy or don't have access to an outside area.

Will did his box very patiently. He used all the tools provided to really delve into the digging activity. I even got to have a go and I really enjoyed finding the 'gold' hidden in the chest.

Here he is with his Fools Gold which now has a special place on our kitchen windowsill!

Will loved the handy booklets

Will and I really enjoyed using the mini dig kits in our home ed, I think they make a great addition to science and history!

 James and A had to wait until school finished to enjoy their packs. A chose Dino Poop and James went with the Shark Tooth kit.

Both the boys attempted to dig their artefacts out carefully until they decided it would be more fun to take them outside and make a real mess of them!

Here's A showing off his dino poop specimen which he was pretty happy with considering what it is! I cleaned all the specimens off carefully so they didn't get lost down the drain and all 3 boys put them to one side safley.

A ready to find his fossil!

Dinosaur Poop

Shark tooth

I loved that the kits all come with information booklets so we can chat about the specimens they uncover. Fun and education is what I'm all about!

So what do the boys think?

James "I love sharks so having a real tooth is so cool. I liked smashing it a bit too!"

A " I really liked breaking it a part and finding the hidden thing inside. I think I'd like to try the gold one but I liked the dinosaur one."

Will " The kits are really cool. I think it's a fun thing to do, I like the gold one, it was my favourite."

We really enjoyed reviewing this STEM Mini Dig Kit by National Geographic. Our final post as part of our Bandai Ambassorder programme will be out soon and this time Midge gets to join in with some kenetic sand (which she loves!)

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  1. These look like fantastic kits. They are such a great price too x