Reasons to be Cheerful ~ Half Term and Yummy Food!

It's been half term this week, only a week but I'm one of those evil parents who thinks a week is quite enough of a holiday but then we do deal with more than the average fall out so maybe I'm justified in my half term dread!

I wanted to do some reasons to be cheerful because I don't blog all that often these days. It often feels fake to write about good things when you don't want to also write about the not so good things. I don't ever want to paint that happy family picture, it's no good to anyone least of all me!

This week Mr K decided he finally wanted to do something about his weight which has piled on (as has mine) over the past couple of years. I've decided to join him but only if he cooks because he is a lush cook and I do not associate dieting with good food unfortunetly! 

Above is one of his yummy dishes. Basa fillet in spices, on salad with chopped potato cooked in salt, pepper and cider vinegar. So yummy!

On Friday we went bowling. It wasn't a great day but it wasn't bad either, I still haven't got used to dealing with Will's autism and being in charge of the wheelchair which is so frustrating because people make things difficult. The bowling place wasn't even wheelchair accessible so that was fun!

Midge had fun learning to bowl, Will won one game but 2 games was just a bit too much when it got louder and he started getting bored waiting. I won a game and Mr K got some lovely photos of the day too. 

In homeschool we have been looking at Canada for our termly geography project. Will is a huge cooking fan so planning a themed dinner is top of his list. We made Poutine, which is a famous dish in Canada consisting of chips, cheesecurds and gravey. It was delicious!

Finally, James turned 8 recently. As always in our house birthdays have to be toned down because they get very overwhelming. James had a lovely day and he adored getting his Sir Meowsalot which I'm told is some YouTube stars cat!

I hope all those of you on half term have also had a good week despite any moments of bickering and meltdowns! And those of you who don't have little ones, I hope you have also had a lovely week!

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