A Turns 7 and a Sketchers Shoes Review!

It's hard enough to believe that just 2 months ago I wrote that my Midge had turned 10. Now I am writing a post all about A's birthday which was last month; he turned 7! It's madness.

A was really lucky with his birthday. He had a party at home in Kent with Will who turned 9 the same week as him. It was lovely to do a joint party for them both just before they both had their actual birthdays. We got see Ember (who blogs at Relentlessly Purple) her partner Ken and their 2 little girls Eva and Issy. Both the boys had a nice time, Will did really well considering there was a lot of screaming from the younger ones and it was all a bit sensory overload for him. He was a lot happier than the photo shows though I promise!

A had a family gathering back in Cornwall on his actually birthday. He got up in the morning and opened his gifts with Midge and I and then headed off to school where he got his birthday certificate and cake in assembly. When he arrived home some family had arrived to have dinner and share presents with him. It was lovely.

Lastly, we celebrated by having a little pizza making party with a few of A's closest friends. They had fun playing around the house then stopping to make pizza and later eating that with some treats. Midge managed to escape the chaos of this party by hanging out with Grandma and making cupcakes! I don't blame her.

A had some great gifts this year. He was over the moon with all the Pokemon presents he received, plus all the superhero bits and a large Lego ship to build (we are waiting until we move to do this in case it gets broken and we lose bits!) Footway sent A some really cool Sketchers that I want to show off below. The colour is awesome and the shoes are a huge hit with A because they are fast, super comfy and...they light up!!

A posing in his new Sketchers

The shoes have a cool on/off switch so he can show off the lights any time he wants!

I think A certainly thought this birthday was a pretty good one. He's already counting down for the next one!


  1. Glad A had a great birthday, looks like he really enjoyed it all :) xx

    1. Thank you for all your help with their Kent party Ember they loved it. Xx