Giving Ourselves Something to Look Forward To: Valentines Day

We don't usually celebrate Valentines Day but January has been so rubbish that I'm trying to plan things to look forward to to keep up our positive outlook. When we first started going out, Mr B and I used to always exchange gifts on Valentines Day as a lot of new and young mushy couples do. The years went on and then we got married and somewhere along the line valentines day disappeared (along with random flowers, spontaneous dinners and cute little notes that we used to leave around the house) I think that just fades because we found different ways to show we love and appreciate each other.

My husband isn't a valentines lover. He is with the majority of people who think it's an utter money maker and total rubbish but he will join in with these things if he thinks they mean something to me; which on this occasion, it does! I so need to look forward to things and I think if you want to cook a nice dinner, buy or make a card and tell your other half for the millionth time that you love them then so what? Who cares? I had a survey land in my inbox about what women want for valentines day and I took it out of curiosity to see what the results would be. So many people think it's a load of rubbish but there are a lot like me who think it's kind of sweet and harmless; if you want to do it then do it. I bet there are a few people who go proper over the top with it much like some do with Christmas! That wouldn't be my thing at all but each to their own!

So this valentines, I'm going to plan a meal to cook and myself and Mr B can sit down together and enjoy it, probably with a Cider for him and a hot chocolate for pudding for me! I'm not going to buy balloons and decorations, I simply want to make a gesture and enjoy a lovely evening together.

Will you be celebrating valentines day this year? Did you take the survey by Rattan Direct? I'd love to know who is a fan of valentines and who thinks it's a giant waste of time!

Cupcake Mumma

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