A Slimmer Me: Something has Clicked!

I have been waiting for this day for so long. Many times I have forced myself to exercise, to be good with food and all the rest but because I was forcing myself it never lasted. The amazing body change photos on Instagram and the tighter jeans just didn't seem to make me want to get up and stick to any routine, I gave up time and time again. 

It felt hopeless...

Until I visited my GP last week and got a metaphorical slap in the face. See, I thought I was suffering with constant bloating. I felt awful and looked horrible; I had been for months. Eventually I decided to get myself checked out, thought it might be my IBS and maybe I could be recommended something to soothe my troubled tummy that I hadn't already tried. Well, ladies and gentlemen I do not have a bloated tum, it's a rather soft and erm cuddly tum I suppose which means that yes, that's right, I'm overweight. I'm 3 stone heavier than I should ideally be and the way I view myself is as 'looking like I'm 4 months pregnant but not actually up the spout at all no thank you very much..' It's a perception and not a fact.

Yep, I'm overweight and would appear to be carrying this weight mostly around my middle, I think this is a dangerous place to carry excess fat. And it is fat, I'm not saying I am fat but I am stating the obvious here. I am unhealthy and I need to change.

Did it happen that day? Did it heck! I buried myself in dairy milk chocolate, gave myself tummy cramps and felt rubbish. Then the next day I picked up. I didn't think about my food too much, I bought extra fruit in the store during the food shop and carried on my day. I liked loads of awesome food photos on Instagram and made collages for myself which are saved on my phone and in the evening I bought some clothes off of Very, including these ace workout leggings:

I feel good. Despite the stressful situation that is mostly being on my own with Mr B working a lot this week, parenting, school running, housework-ing, packing, being a mum, friend and wife I have had amazing food days so far.

My breakfasts are breakfasts I can't wait to make, I'm so looking forward to getting into my new kitchen and baking vegan treats (I'm not vegan I just want to try out cakes with some new ingredients) and I have an exercise routine in place for when the house is unpacked and I have space to do it. In the meantime I have school walks, dog walks and swimming so I'm not sat on my backside all of the time!

I had to record this moment here because it feels like a milestone, like I've turned a corner with my relationship with food and how I feel about myself. I hope anyone else struggling can relate to how hard it is to get going and I wish you luck on your journey to a healthier you; whether that's losing weight, gaining weight or making a lifestyle change which is pretty much what I feel I'm aiming for.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Good for you Hannah, keep it up ! I need to take a leaf out of your book and get my but in gear.

  2. Good luck lovely. Those leggings look fab! xx