What We Got Up To ~ February

I thought I'd best get this written and published before April crept up on me! February was a pretty good month, if a little too fast to pass but we escaped most of the bugs, only Roo was beaten by a bout of sickness after Daddy brought it home from goodness knows where! He still managed a few smiles for me despite feeling rough bless him. We had a lovely pancake day (it's not that special though to be honest because we love pancakes and have them at least once a month, sometimes for dinner and always on birthdays!) Midge of course went OTT on the sugar when I was busy cooking up my next batch!

We had Roo's birthday which was a lovely day but not how we planned it at all. We were meant to go to an animal park but the weather was awful so we ended up with presents, cake and birthday Costa instead. Midge stayed at Grandma and Pop's house for a night in the half term returning with a yummy cake. While she was away, Mr B and I took Roo and the dog to the local field for some football fun and a run around. We had a lovely half term which went pretty quick and included a great day out with Grandma who bought new shoes, ice creams and dinner at her house. 

Smiles// Cooked breakfast// Marshmallows// Stormy weather// Doctors waiting rom// Midge doing pancakes// My and my boy// Freebies from udis

Smiles// Birthday goodies// Footie// More smiles!// Peppa out enjoying the sun// Birthday cake number 2// Midge's cake// Tea party time!

Little T's birthday// Ice creams in Penzance// Hot chocolate// Happy birthday!// Birthday cake// Hapy mail!// Roo discovers Lego// A hot cuppa with the pooch// Books and Costa!

What About Me?

I found a lovely little walk where some horses had returned and I picked road side daffodils which cheered me up. I ticked some things off the house list, next is a book shelf I think. I won quite a few prizes in February and purchased some bargain books which I enjoyed looking through on a Costa date.

February's blog posts:

I wrote my bargains and wins post from January and as usual What we got up to in January. I shared my 5 Favourite Posts from other Bloggers, had a Proud Mum Moment and shared a few reviews including fun adult colouring books, a fab weekend craft box and Zoflora. Hope you enjoy these posts if you've missed them, let me know what you've all been up to as well, have you had a good February?

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Great set of pictures, it looks like you have been having fun. Happy Easter, Mich x

    1. Thanks Mich, Happy Easter to you too xx

  2. Looks like you had a great February, a book case is on my list too not for books though I want it to display my Funko pop's, I'm trying freecycle and freegle first if not then a trip to Ikea might be on the cards x

    1. Ha yes you'll need a book case I'm sure your collection is growing fast!

  3. Those birthday cakes are all awesome! February looked good, hope the rest of the year follows suit x