Teeth: A Pain from Beginning to End!

Once upon a time I had a lovely full set of teeth, then I had a few out to make way for braces but that was that, I was fine. Roll on a few years after children and my teeth have been nothing but trouble. I've had 4 teeth out in 3 years, not something I ever thought would happen. I've had my worst case of toothache ever over the last month and last week I walked in to the dentist and demanded it out. I had been persevering with the pain, spending a hell of a lot of time on the Internet looking up root canals, private dentists, dentists with sedation medicine available but obviously I can't afford any of that helpful stuff so I ruled out root canal reasoning that not only was I terrified of the thought of one, if  I was a paying NHS patient I'd have to opt for a removal anyway because it'd be cheaper.

The tooth was removed on Monday and since then another tooth wants to play games and I've developed dry socket. That's basically where the clot gets removed from the gum during the healing process so your bone is exposed. Too much information? Sorry, but not too sorry because it's in my mouth and it hurts.

When you're in a lot of pain for whatever reason (I have this flu like lurgy just to make life even better) it's hard to not feel like everything is rubbish but it's not really and I'm trying not to lose sight of that. I just wish I could catch a break with my teeth. I've fallen behind on everything I love like reading, blogging and letter writing because I can't concentrate, the house, routine and meals have all gone to pot because we have a 'Mum Down' situation as I like to call it.

I know my mouth will heal. I know I am lucky to have good treatment. I am hopeful my other tooth will not go the same way (actually prayed for that one to be honest) and I am hopeful that my mouth will be better for the holidays so I can be productive, fun, organised and the children aren't stuck in being bored in a pit of a house.

A friend recently said to me 'teeth, they're a pain coming and a pain going' she couldn't be more right I think! Anyway, I had to get that off my chest. *Rattles off to bed*

Cupcake Mumma xx


  1. Oh no! Tooth pain is the worst...
    I hope you feel better soon x