Midges Birthday ~ 8 Years Old!

Midge turned 8 just over a week ago now and I still can't believe how fast time has gone. She's doing really well in school, is always busy creating and writing at home and doting on her little brother. Midge is like me in so many ways, maybe that's why we frustrate each other sometimes so much and probably why I'm going to dread the teen years! Still, that's a long way off. I want to share with you some of Midges 8th birthday party!

I never do big 'invite the whole class' type birthdays; they're too big, too pricey and just too much everything to be honest! I always ask the children what kind of theme they want to go with, last year Midge wanted Frozen and to my surprise she went with Frozen again this year (is it just me who thought Frozen would've died out by now!?) Usually the theme comes from the cake, so Midge wanted an Elsa cake and therefore a Frozen party.

Midge invited her 2 cousins and 2 friends, one from school and one who used to be in her class but moved because she wasn't getting along with the other girls. Just shows how beautiful my girl is for wanting to keep someone she cares about in her life despite them not being 'right there.' We started off with some games. I made a big Olaf out of cardboard and cut out a carrot so the girls could play pin the carrot on Olaf. That went down a treat, My eldest niece won that one, last year we did a similar game and had Midge in tears, what a difference a year makes!

Little T winning pass the parcel

We played pass the parcel, I had to be careful of what sweets I put in because Midge is now also on a wheat free diet. Each girl got 2 sweets and my youngest niece won the overall prize. I must admit I picked her from the start because she's only 3 and the other prizes weren't going to be suitable for her.

I got the face paints out and after painting a few faces, my favourite being Little T who wanted to be Peppa Pigs teddy bear, I let the girls loose on the paints themselves. All of a sudden there was more of a Halloween theme to the party than a Frozen one!

Little T with her teddy bear/fox face paint 

I gave out a prize for best dressed and then we had food! Not a lot of  savoury options at this party (first year ever!) I went with jelly and stars, hone made star biscuits, popcorn, cucumber sticks, crisps, profiteroles and much more.

These profiteroles are gluten free so Midge didn't miss out

Finally, before everyone left we lit the cake and sung happy birthday to my little girl. By this time my nephews had arrived too so that was nice for Midge, One by one all the children went home (minus party bags which Midge was sad about but I explained I just didn't have the money to put everything else on and do party bags as well. I won't be doing party bags anymore)

A very blue birthday cake! I'm proud of this one

So that was my girls 8th birthday party and she loved it. I adore birthdays and it's always so important to me that birthdays are well enjoyed. Little A is next and I have little to no clue as to what we shall do to celebrate yet. For Midges actual birthday it was just family visiting then Grandma and Pops staying for Sunday dinner and a second birthday cake which was all lovely too.

Soon I will be doing another Q&A with Midge so do look out for that!

Midge in Plymouth
Cupcake Mumma 


  1. Aw it looks as though Midge had a wonderful party! Well done on the cake! xx

  2. Awe it looks like she had a lovely day. So sweet that she asked the girl who isn't at her school anymore x

  3. Oh that cake is lovely! And yes, Frozen is overdone at this point!

  4. Happy belated birthday to her :)

  5. Her cake was lovely and so was her party! Happy belated birthday to her! And yes, it's hard when your daughter or son turns out exactly like you!