Trevaskis Farm in Cornwall

Hello all! We're on week 3 of our summer holiday here and so far it's going well (and fast!) Last week we made some trips to the beach and Lands End which I'll write about soon. We also visited Trevaskis Farm which is a farm very local to me that I love. They are all so friendly up there and you can stroll around seeing and stroking the animals, picking fruit and shopping in their farm shop. They love to educate children about the farm and about where our food comes from which is great.

We visited on a Saturday and it wasn't too busy. First we had a nice walk around the farm seeing the sheep, cows, pigs and a cute little pony. We all chatted about our holiday so far and talked about the animals we saw (some people may have made jokes about each other when we visited the pig pen with lots of big mummy pigs snoring)

Little T with the pigs

This pony was very cute

We then went around the farm to pick strawberries, oh my we picked a lot! I filled my box to the brim and enjoyed some 'taste testing' on the way round with my eldest nephew. We then met everyone else in their strawberry tunnel and realised we'd need to do something rather big and tasty with all our strawberries. When we got home though we were simply too tired and all left with our strawberry punnets still pretty full (I had strawberries for 3 days, fabulous!)

A very happy Midge with her punnet full of strawberries

Lots of yummy strawberries

O with Little A

Midge, Little A, Z and Little T chatting and eating strawberries

After the farm we did stop at Portreath beach for a drink outside and the children played happily on the sand for over an hour. They buried their feet, drew in the sand and made sand castles as best they could with no buckets and spades. If you're in Cornwall do visit Trevaskis Farm as its a really lovely place for all the family to enjoy and you can get plenty of fruit for such great value that's super fresh and delicious.

Midge looking beautiful on the beach

Burying his feet in the sand

A Cornish Mum