The Cupcakes go to Cambridge!

We're back home from a week away in Cambridge visiting my Aunt and Uncle who live there. We were put up in 2 caravans, one for sleeping in and one for chilling out in. I was quite excited to be camping in the caravans, we even found our old camping stove which we wasted no time putting to good use by toasting marshmallows. We also had fried breakfasts, chicken and rice with asparagus and marshmallow and chocolate wraps.

A gluten and dairy free chocolate and marshmallow wrap

Toasting our marshmallows
Ingredients for banana and chocolate making// Banana ready to go// We picked blackberries on our stay// Banana, marshmallow and chocolate for the BBQ and finished result//Roasted chicken with herbs and lemon

We had loads of fun swimming in the pool and trying out the hot tub.

Family hot tub photo!
Midge swimming
We spent our anniversary swapping favourite sweets then looking after Midge who spent half the day being sick. Luckily it was the wettest day of our whole holiday so I got to read my book all day while Midge played games and wrote postcards. Mr B and Little A went to see the dinosaurs at the museum in Cambridge. We went into Cambridge twice during our stay, seeing the river and boats, the beautiful buildings and local markets. I was sad to miss meeting up with my pen pal and best friend due to illness, I know she was gutted too. We looked in comic book stores, Primark had some bargain sales on and Mr B got to look in his sports shop. I have left wanting to buy a bicycle!

We found an awesome sweet shop!

The punting on the river
My Aunt and Uncle made us a lovely roast chicken dinner with champagne to celebrate our 3 years together. My Uncle even put together a video of our wedding day which was just lovely to look back on. Little A loved watching himself as a baby and Midge looked ridiculously cute! Our heart candle holders from them are beautiful and will go outside somewhere in the garden.

We had some lovely walks, picked blackberries, spied insects, went down paths to see where we came out. We went to a local messy church with my cousin and had lunch out to catch up which was great. Later my younger cousins came back to swim with us. We had a pub dinner on our last night which was delicious and very much a treat. We even saw more family in the morning before setting off on our long journey home to Cornwall. Our highlight there seeing a Paddington Bear statue and getting a photo with him, ye!

Little A the crocodile

Blackberry picking, power ranging siblings!

Midge made a bracelet at Messy Church

As this is my blog I've written from my point of view so I wanted to ask Mr B and the Mini Cupcakes what they thought of their holiday too.

Midge: I loved seeing my cousins! At first I didn't like the hot tub but then it wasn't so hot the next day and I loved it. My cousin made water go in the air which was really funny. Little A gave me his rubber ring which was good fun because I can't swim. I loved seeing Paddington Bear at the station because I love him. Toasting marshmallows was good fun but we hated the wasps, there was SO many. I didn't like the wraps either...just the chocolate! I got to sleep on the top bunk one night too which was fun. I love Cambridge holidays!

Little A: (The) Swimming pool was my favourite and the hot pool! Paddington Bear, big train and I love my cousins. Dropping my red dinosaur made me sad, he dropped on the track. I don't like big choo choo train anymore!

Mr B: The best part for me was just getting away from it all. Having a break from work and town life. Everyone enjoyed going into Cambridge, I liked staying at the caravans to cook the food and relax. Taking the kids in the pool was great because it's not something we do often back home at the leisure centre. I had good fun in it too! 

We had a lovely time and I hope we can return next year. We've got a break planned with a lovely company in October but more on that another time, we're excited to back shall we say! Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer break too!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Aww looks like you all had such a lovely time - Cambridge is so pretty, we love visiting for a lovely day out :)

    Helen x

  2. It really is a beautiful place but so far away from us. I do like coming home though i'm not made for all the busy people, buses and so very big buildings! x

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time! We have never been to Cambridge - might have to visit one day! xx

    1. I would say to go, as you can drive you can explore a bit more too xx