Our Week That Was Captured~Week 24

We've now entered the beginning July. There's only 3 weeks left of school, with the children having a lot of fun in the lead up to the end of term. We're on countdown to a holiday in Cambridge which we're able to go on thanks to my parents and I'm starting to plan some fun activities of our own so no one gets bored like last year when we all started fighting!! 

I don't normally blog the weekends because well, we don't honestly do very much most of the time. Last weekend was different though, I headed to my Mums for 2 nights alone and Mr B had the children for 2 days which they enjoyed a lot. I got to blog and look through some old things, catch up with my mum and some family came over for lunch. It was just so good to clear my head after a very hard week with my anxiety and feeling very, very low. My parents live by the sea, it's so nice to go back to what I know as I grew up in the countryside only leaving it completely at the age of 21. Anyway, it was nice to get some breathing space and think about 'stuff.'

On Tuesday Mr B was sent home from work poorly. He ended up having the rest of the week off and now as I type this he's much better for it. I wish he could get a job he enjoyed but it's secure and we all know how essential that is. After school my mother in law picked me and the children up for her birthday tea at Table Table. Mr B was in the car sleeping and Midge was at the other end of the table to me so I have no photos of them but I do of Little A, me niece and my delicious pudding!

Wednesday was sports day for midge and it was great fun. There was long jump, track races, a sack race and more which she loved (after moaning about the whole day in the morning!) I met Mr B at the doctors and took A up to nursery, I returned home before repeating the school run later! On Thursday I had Little A's paediatric appointment before he went to nursery which was pretty uneventful, just a catch up and with nothing much to add or ask it was over pretty quick. I got some advice on helping him with his pencil grip and A was happy enough to do the tasks she asked of him so mostly I was a spare part! I still think there might be a little something about A but at his age it's hard to tell and he may be just a normal 4 year old boy!

After dropping A off to nursery on Friday and sending Midge off on her teddy bears picnic at school, Mr B and I headed to lunch and to look around a few charity shops where I found an audio Care Bears set which is really old and so great! We bought new shoes for the children and a family game for £1. Later we got home and had a cereal dinner as it was so hot! Mr B was feeling better so we set up camp downstairs for the night which was actually okay and much more comfy than previous camp outs! On Saturday we went to town to get Midges hair cut. I feel sad her long hair has gone but Midge is happy with it. I on the other hand needed a bit of time to get used to it! Midge and Mr B decided to camp in the garden but Little A and I opted for our beds (A had no choice because they came home late from a BBQ) but i'm not fond of camping outside! We did join them in the morning when it lashed down creating a very fun Sunday morning for us all with my laughter!

Next week Little A has his teddy bears picnic with his new teacher and Midge has lots of fun planned at school, I'm going on my second blogging event (this time invited! Big thanks to Stevie and Mish Online for this!) so I'm super excited about that. Hope you've all had a great week!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Oh you've had such a busy week! It must have been lovely to clear your head in the fresh air - I'm a country girl too :) hope you're feeling better for it. Mim x #twinklytuesday

    1. I am feeling better thank you so much. Nice to know i'm not the only one who needs to revisit the fresh country now and again x

  2. Aaah you've had SUCH a busy week!! And Midge looks absolutely gorgeous with her new 'big girl' hair cut! SO grown up!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

    1. Thank you, she loves her new hair a lot. I'm getting used to it still! You will indeed, i love thi link up! x