Beautiful Nature..#30DaysWild

I love nature. There is so much out there to see and enjoy and be thankful for. I love pointing new flowers out to the children (I think flowers must be my favourite thing) and the children love to point out birds and butterflies. I recently signed up to #30dayswild which has opened my eyes to new beautiful flowers around me and I've actively looked into breeds of birds and butterflies and asked online if people knew the names of flowers I'd found. It's been great so far! Here's a collection of photos from my first couple of weeks of being more open eyed and connected to Mother Nature.

Little A has really got into nature on your school runs

The colour on this flower is just stunning.

Busy bees!

I love Bumble Bees

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  1. What lovely photos! We have some wonderful parks where I live, and having children has really opened my eyes to the beauty of nature. It's impossible to see my daughters' excitement at the snail gathering on our doorstep and not catch the thrill! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday!