Blog Everyday in August: All About Me!

So, once again I am having a go at a bit of blogging everyday. I feel a lot better about this one hosted by the lovely Outmumbered. The prompts don't bore me, they're not asking too much and I think I'm more than capable of fulfilling the challenge which I've not done for a while!
I barely got a chance to breathe yesterday so blogging was out of the question! I therefore have combined days 1 and 2 which actually work out really well as the prompts are:

An introduction and a recent photo
20 Facts about yourself.

So, if you've never been here before (you're missing out ;) I'm Hannah and I've been running Cupcake Mumma for nearly 3 years as a hobby which I love. I have a lovely husband and 2 little ones who feature regularly and will do until they say otherwise! I like to read, write and am a bit of a collector of all sorts. I'm a total memory magpie so if you invite me to an event, chances are i'll waltz off with something to remember it all by.

Here's the most recent photo I have of me at my cousins wedding with my Midge:

Now for 20 Facts about me:

1) My favourite time of year is Autumn
2) I was born in October
3) I always celebrate Halloween bigger than any other celebration
4) I'm a big collector of postcards
5) And Care Bears
6) I have one pair of matching underwear *sob*
7) I love hamsters
8) I love snail mailing, craft and gift swaps
9) My favourite colour is pink
10) I love a man with a hairy chest yum yum!
11) I'm intolerant to wheat, gluten and milk
12) I love reading Tudor history
13) I will die happy after I visit the Harry Potter studio tour
14) I was raised by wolves..just making sure you're still with me...
15) Peaches are my favourite fruit
16) I live in Cornwall
17) The Killers are my favourite band
18) I hate being too cold or too hot
19) I love hot chocolate and continue to drink it through a hot summer
20) I'm an introvert and happy!

I'd love for you to link up your blogs in the comments to make sure I definitely see your posts if you're also joining in. If you click the badge below you'll be able to find out more and join in yourselves!

Cupcake Mumma


Nicola Fraser said...

I love pink, I collect random things and I also love to celebrate Halloween big :)
See you tomorrow
Nikki x

Shay Noble said...

Helloooo :) Lovely picture and great to learn a bit more about you x

Kat Pearce said...

Such a gorgeous photo of you two. Love you masses xxx

Hannah Brooker said...

you too lovely one xx

Hannah Brooker said...

Wooh! That makes you awesome!! x

Hannah Brooker said...

Thanks Shay, will catch up with you! x

Emma said...

The photo of you at the wedding is PRETTY!!!! I couldn't cope if my underwear does not match.... I'm a little OCD in that area... and I'm going to see the killers in a couple weeks time, being supported by Bastille :)

Hannah. said...

The Killers are my favourite band too!!! <3 haha I'm off to go listen to them now!