Midge, Now You're Six

Six years ago I held you in my arms, this tiny 6lb 6oz baby cuddled into my tired, sore but bursting with love body.You were beautiful then and my goodness you are even more so now. You're all girly and love pop music, painting your nails and wearing hair clips. You still like to go for walks, jump in muddy puddles and play outside in general but you're a pink loving Hello Kitty fan inside and out!

For your sixth birthday you had to go to school but you opened all your gifts before you left and wore your new coat which looks so cosy!We picked you up with all your cousins and you ran out with 2 badges and a huge grin on your face, always a lovely sight but even more so on your birthday. Nanny picked us up and we went to the Big M with Daddy, Little A, your cousins, Aunts and Granddad. Everyone had a great evening.

Then G came for her long promised sleep over and you both watched DVDs, falling asleep on the sofa bed in the front room. The covers had popcorn and chocolate bread all over them, I'm not sure how you slept but you did!

At 10.30 the next day we took a bus to Heartlands where you both got a pampering! You had your finger nails and toes painted and you both had a face paint each too. Such a nice morning.

We ended the day with 2 more of your friends coming over and celebrating with you for the afternoon. Daddy and I laid out lots of nibbles, a balloon and we played some party games too. All in all it was a lovely day!

I hope you had a lovely day Midge. My ever growing, ever learning but still forever, my baby girl.

Love Mummy xxxx


  1. Ah, a happy belated birthday to Midge. Looks like she had a wonderful time x

  2. Aww bless her!
    It looks like she had an amazing birthday!! x

  3. Happy belated birthday-looks like she had lots of fun, love the cake. Did you make it? x

  4. Lovely post. You certainly gave her an action-packed brilliant birthday