A Year in Gifts: November

I struggled to send a gift in the actual month of November, a combination of time and what felt to me so many people I felt could do with cheering up made my decision even harder. I opted to leave it and wait for the beginning of December. I felt I'd just know who I was meant to cheer up. I was right!

The lovely Bex from Busy Bee Mummy Bex has had a tough year with little Hugo and his Talipes. Equally she's had a lot of highs because of his condition (her fantastic book for example) just as December came about, both Hugo and his big sister E came down with the dreaded virus that has been going around. With Hugo in particular getting quite poorly, I really felt for my sleep deprived blogging friend and decided a box of goodies for her and the children might just help in lifting her spirits.

I packed up a sleeping mask, cosy socks and chocolates for Bex herself and included some new socks, a book each and some Christmas chocolates for Hugo and Emilyn to enjoy when they're feeling better.

I hope everyone in the Busy Bee household is better for Christmas!

My Year in Gifts has come to an end and I'm so pleased to have done this. For December, I'll be contributing to my local food bank. Thank you for all your comments on my posts and page in the past year. 

Merry Christmas!

Cupcake Mumma