My week that was Instagramed 7!

I'm very late linking up with Hannah this week for My Week That Was Instagramed thanks to my big fingers deleting my waiting-to-be-published post! Anyway I'm here now and keen to show you all what we got up to last week:


On Monday I had a lovely walk to school with Midge who took her scooter. She's looking so tall these days. We picked up our niece and nephews in the afternoon and once we got home O was helping Midge with her math homework which was really sweet to watch. The last picture is a canvas I've found in a local shop which I think will look great above our bed when we move our room up to the attic.


On Tuesday I had a spontaneous walk in the rain and took a lovely photo of one of the streets I walk down every morning and afternoon for the school run. I had a very nice and unplanned lunch with my Dad who finished late at work and caught the bus over. He very kindly bought me lunch so next time I'm buying a lovely large breakfast!


On Wednesday I didn't have much to do other than potter around and play with my lovely little boy who slept for quite some time in the afternoon. In the evening I got out my Halloween decorations from the cupboard to see what I had for this year. I've got a quite  a bit and couldn't help putting some bits up! Since last week I have even more up! Midge had tea with a friend she hasn't seen in a while because they go to different schools. She had a lovely time. I also had my Mum around for the evening which was, as usual, very nice.


I have no pictures for Thursday because we had an awful night sleep with Little A. He just wouldn't sleep, nothing wrong with him, just didn't fancy the land of nod last night! I had to cancel my Mummy date because I would've been rubbish company. I've re-scheduled it though so not feeling too disappointed. We mostly napped today when we could!


Today I locked myself out and the first picture is Little A and I having some serious snuggles to make up for our ordeal. I was really pleased to rest my splintered foot too! We walked our nieces and nephews back to our house after school and took a detour buying them some cake on the way because they're always so good when they're on school run (despite being a little slow but there are far worse things!) I got this picture of them waiting for Jay to come out of the shop. It just cracked me up how unprepared they were for the camera. I spent my evening with hot chocolate and digestive biscuits. Yum.


We had G over for a sleepover this weekend which was lovely. They all had a lot of fun sneaking into the face paint box and ruining them by covering themselves (not just their faces!) in them. I love this photo of the 3 of them happily watching some TV before Little A went to bed. They stayed up fairly late but were so good. I also made these awesome gluten and dairy free choux buns. It's amazing how quick they were to make and they tasted so good too.

Well, that's that. Now to edit some more photos for this weeks round up, phew!



  1. I'm sorry I'm so late commenting! This is the first time I've stopped since Monday!!

    Those choux buns look AMAZING!!!! You are the "something-free" Queen!

    Thank you so much for linking up xxx

    1. Ooh I'll take that title! better than 'Mrs' lol xxx