The Charcoal Challenge- Sunday Fun!

Last Sunday we had such glorious weather that it would've been totally unacceptable not to have been completely British and throw a BBQ in the back garden. We loaded up the boot of my Sister-in-Laws car, strapped the children in and headed to the cousins for a few hours. Thanks to Money supermarket, I was given £50 to come up with a budget BBQ suitable for us all. Here's how we all got on:

I made use of several supermarkets locally; Iceland, Aldi and Tesco. Between the 3 stores I bought all I needed fruit and vegetable wise (apart from my strawberries, grapes and a few other items which came from my green grocer for £3) I also got all the ingredients to whip up a yummy broccoli and tomato quiche, as well as buying the more 'junky' items from my list such as crisps, dips and of course I needed the required meat. 

The Food

I spent £9 in Aldi and £12 in Iceland. It was important to me to have lots of fruit on such a hot, lovely day and the children really went for it. I found the marshmallows in a bargain bin at my local candy store. They were 50p each so a £3 total. 

I purchased my meat from Iceland but not too much as there was a steady supply already in our freezers (If you want to save money, always look at what you can create from your fridge, freezers and cupboards already) I had some salmon already bought from last weeks food shop so took one out of the packaging. I'm the only one who doesn't eat meat but didn't want to miss out on the BBQ experience! I also had a vegetable selection which I mixed together and cooked in foil. I bought a mini disposable BBQ for £1 so I didn't have to share the meat one!  

Drinks from Aldi for 78p went down nicely, especially being cooled in a bucket of ice. I made mini windmills for decoration, what do you think? My sister-in-law took it upon herself to buy some lemons and raspberries and made some delicious pink lemonade. I really recommend having some of this instead of spending money on alcohol which isn't nearly as refreshing!

As you can imagine we had some very full tummies. The spread was very generous and I really think (no wait, I know I got loads for my budget) With the main part of the BBQ done and everyone left to talk, laugh and graze the rest of the spread, we sought out some other BBQ activities.

Face painting!

Ice cream making!

Dairy ice cream at £1.60 (I thought Neapolitan would be a nice change, although normally I would buy value vanilla) Dairy free ice cream £2, cones and chocolate swirls £2. These were extras because I had some left over pennies!

After food, face painting, lots of chatting and laughing, there really was only one thing left to do to finish off this fantastic day:

Water Fight!!

And when it's all said and done, it's time to tidy up. Thanks Little T, what a star! Both babies were very tired after a long, hot day so cuddled up together to watch a bit of Paddington on the iPad. 

We all had such a wonderful time and I think it would be fair to say the BBQ was a completel success! 

The Math!
Decorations: £12.00 (forks, cups, kebab sticks, decorative pots, plastic coloured bowls,baby jars,napkins and straws)
Corner shop: £1 (mini disposable BBQ)
Aldi: £9
Iceland: £12
Candy Store: £3.00 (marshmallows)
Green Grocer: £3.00
Total: 45.60

This is our entry for the Charcoal Challenge with Money Supermarket. We received £50 from Money Supermarket to enter the competition which we used to buy the products listed above. We will also be entered into a prize draw to receive £250 to host the ultimate BBQ!!


  1. Sounds and looks like a fab day! x

  2. Wow you did so so so so well.
    If you look at my recent paddling pool post, all the kids got was lots of ice poles, chicken nuggets and chips and 3 pizzas....
    I feel terrible now, but I couldn't afford any more than that, and they were dead happy anyway.
    Love the photography AND creativity in this post.
    Liska xx